Brock Lesnar: Top 5 Guys Lesnar Could Feud With in WWE

RiZESenior Writer IOctober 27, 2010

Brock Lesnar: Top 5 Guys Lesnar Could Feud With in WWE

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    Wishful thinking. Brock Lesnar has been offered to compete at Wrestlemania. After his first-round loss to Cain Velásquez, most are questioning his fighting ability. Cain simply dominated Lesnar, and the experience factor may have played a major role.

    Later in the night, The Undertaker was being interviewed when Lesnar walked by. Taker simply said "you wanna do it?" For words sparking rumors, and debates among UFC and WWE Fans. The Wrestlemania 27 Dream Match has been proposed.

    Thanks to Dana White, the match may never see the light of day.

    The Undertaker's multiple injuries have definitely struck doubt in my mind. Maybe the Undertaker is too fragile to compete in a match of this caliber. 

    Leaving Lesnar without an opponent at WM.

    Well I've considered five other men, worthy of making a match with Brock worth watching. Please remember this is IF Brock were to return to WWE.  I apologize for the brevity of this slideshow, and it's not up to my usual standards.

    Just some lingering thoughts.

1. Goldberg

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    If you haven't already heard, The Hall of Fame Class of next year is WCW themed. Because of its location in Atlanta.

    Goldberg has expressed his interest in wrestling at Wrestlemania. The guy basically wants his kids to see him in action. Admirable. The possibility of Goldberg's return to the WWE is VERY strong. Funny coincidence that Brock may return at the same Wrestlemania.

    Remember both wrestled their last matches in the WWE at Wrestlemania XX.

    The match didn't live up to my expectations. Their departures played a major part in fan reaction.

    But I wouldn't mind seeing the go at it once more. Better than another John Cena vs Randy Orton rematch. Take a look at their achievements. Rare losses. Multiple time World Champions. Major undefeated streaks. Destroying the major superstars on the RAW, and Smackdown Brands.

    What else can we ask for?

2. Triple H

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    Personally, one match I expected to see months after Lesnar's debut. Management disagreed with me. Brock was moved to Smackdown, while The Game dominated RAW. Their paths only crossed once. After Brock beat Rock at Summerslam, and HBK defeated the Game.

    Great promo. Undertaker's inclusion was genius. Nothing ever came of the promo. Just a waste of airtime by management.

    Unlike Taker, Triple H's injuries are not consistent. He could definitely perform well enough for a match of the year award.

    I love the idea of this match. Probably the biggest factor would be, which is playing the Heel role? Brock's a monster heel, while Triple H is arguably the Greatest Heel of all time. 

3. Sheamus

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    The two fastest rising stars in WWE History. Sheamus was more swift than Lesnar, but Brock's was planned out and excellently executed. The major difference is that Brock wasn't portrayed as a Paper Champion. 

    Sheamus never won nor defended the WWE Title cleanly.

    Brock beat the Great One, Taker, and Edge in his first three months as WWE Champion.

    Because of both portraying the Monster Heel persona, I believe Lesnar should be face for this match. Also, can anyone see Sheamus as a face? Thought so. 

4. John Cena

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    The Feud returns. When these men first faced off at Backlash 2002, I came to respect John Cena as a in ring competitor. He was definitely the Star of the feud. Destroying Brock in multiple attacks, and debuting the F-U (Attitude Adjustment) during one.

    Back then Cena was just a Vanilla Ice wannabe slowly rising up the ranks. Now he's the Top Dog in the WWE. He's bigger, faster, and more importantly, never loses a match cleanly.

    It would be classic just predicting who would win. 

5. The Big Show

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    We all know the history between these two. Multiple matches. Though Brock won the majority of them, his first loss came at the hands of the Big Show. Together, these two created the most unforgettable moment in Smackdown history.

    When Brock superplexed Show to the mat. The ring fell apart under their weight. Clever. Now that Big Show is seemingly unbeatable, Brock would have his work cut off for him.

    These two monsters stepping in the ring for one more match, classic. Would definitely catch my attention. It's just the build up I'm worried about.