Brock Lesnar: Top 5 Guys Lesnar Could Feud With in WWE

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Brock Lesnar: Top 5 Guys Lesnar Could Feud With in WWE

Wishful thinking. Brock Lesnar has been offered to compete at Wrestlemania. After his first-round loss to Cain Velásquez, most are questioning his fighting ability. Cain simply dominated Lesnar, and the experience factor may have played a major role.

Later in the night, The Undertaker was being interviewed when Lesnar walked by. Taker simply said "you wanna do it?" For words sparking rumors, and debates among UFC and WWE Fans. The Wrestlemania 27 Dream Match has been proposed.

Thanks to Dana White, the match may never see the light of day.

The Undertaker's multiple injuries have definitely struck doubt in my mind. Maybe the Undertaker is too fragile to compete in a match of this caliber. 

Leaving Lesnar without an opponent at WM.

Well I've considered five other men, worthy of making a match with Brock worth watching. Please remember this is IF Brock were to return to WWE.  I apologize for the brevity of this slideshow, and it's not up to my usual standards.

Just some lingering thoughts.

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