Vanes Martirosyan Calls Out Shane Mosley, Tells Him Son Sucks

Tyler CurtisAnalyst IOctober 26, 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 18:  Sergio Mora takes a punch from Shane Mosley during the 10th round of the Middleweight bout at Staples Center on September 18, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.  The fight ended in a draw.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
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Well as far as trash talking goes, this ranks up there as some of the most intense I have ever witnessed in any sport. Vanes Martirosyan and Shane Mosley got into it via Twitter.

This was the most interesting part of the exchange:


Vanes Martirosyan: I want fight Shane Mosley. Shane don't be a bitch and fight me. Why don't you fight me next?

Shane Mosley: Who are you? And will the people pay to see it?

Vanes Martirosyan: I'm your nightmare, your time is over.

Shane Mosley: Stop talking, it's not gonna happen! Go fight somebody like you, up and coming. Maybe in 3 or 4 years you can fight my son.

Vanes Martirosyan: First, your son sucks. I seen him get dropped in the golden gloves. My brother will kick your son's ass and I'll knock you out.

The whole exchange was put together by Chris LaBate of and can be read here. There are some good lines in there.


It should be noted that Martirosyan loves to talk trash and it appears that he is very good at doing it. This isn’t the first time he has gotten into verbal sparring with a top fighter.

In the last year alone he has exchanged words with middleweight champion Sergio Martinez. He is also very aware of his perception among the hardcore fans.

He once said something to the effect of “If I suck, why won’t anyone fight me?” With that being said he is obviously confidence in his ability and isn’t afraid of calling anyone out.

It is also funny for Mosley to ask if he can sell a fight because his last fight was a $50 pay-per-view against Sergio Mora that nobody cared about. It reinforces the notion he only wants money fights at this point.

Mosley doesn’t want this fight because he is old and fading while Martirosyan is a young up and comer. He isn’t a great fighter but he is a solid fighter that would probably beat Mosley at this point.

Martirosyan is a better style matchup for Mosley than Mora, but the tools aren’t there anymore for Mosley.

A win for Mosley would mean nothing at this point. It wouldn’t enhance his legacy and it really wouldn’t even enhance his standing in the eyes of boxing fans in the here and now.

The fight is a lose-lose for him and a win-win for Martirosyan. He would get the big money win or lose, and if he loses and Mosley looks good, then he lost to a future Hall of Famer.

When it comes down to it, this fight wont happen regardless of the hype that this little exchange conjures up. Mosley doesn’t want the fight, and that is all that matters.

Telling him his son sucks isn’t going to get him in the ring with you and if anything it is pushing the fight even further away.

Martirosyan is slated to fight on a Top Rank PPV or a Top Rank Live card on Dec. 4 or 18. He will likely fight Pawel Wolak.

This fight is a long shot but it’s fun to see a little war of words and Martirosyan laid down some great lines in there little exchange. I strongly suggest you read it all.


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