Keep the Drama Out of Sports—The "So What" List

Michael CaissieCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2017

IconI'm tired.


Actually...just plain bored with many sport stories this year. 

I wish for less bark and more bite when it comes to what I'm force fed on a daily basis. 

This isn't an issue exclusive to sports, but seeing as this is a sports site I'll spare you, and save the rest for another platform. 

I see and hear it everytime I have the misfortune of listening to sports commentary.  Of course there are some great reporters out there.  Yes, the majority of the ESPN cast is entertaining and fun to watch...but they are surely in the minority. 

I know this is a novel idea—but when I turn on a game, I'd like to know about...oh I don't know...the game perhaps?! 

Get rid of the fluff, get rid of the filler, stick to the field play on the field, and let me enjoy sports for sports. 

When did sports become a synonym for soap opera?  Why do I need to know what a player's favorite song is, or what his favorite food is? 

Please stop trying to sell the drama!  Who cares? 

Which brings me to my list.  My "So What List" consisting of sport stories or tidbits of useless information that have been blasted across the television screen, websites, and airwaves throughout the year. Mitchell Report

I could go on for hours about this one, but the fact of the matter is that this report is toothless at best.  You have a list of players that everyone already suspected of juicing, a good portion of which no longer play the game, and now what? 

The report has left us with more questions than answers, and now the airwaves are going to be dominated with every little bit of info or rumor involving steroids and HGH.  Great! 



I'm so tired of hearing about this stupid "issue".  

Was this weekend's game actually pegged as "Spygate II"?  Give me a break! 

You want to solve the problem?  Just eliminate any and all filming at the game.  Peroid.

Let's put it to rest please.  The Pats were caught, they admitted it, they paid the price.  They're not the only team to do it, and the whole thing has been blown way out of proportion!  Just play football and shut up!


IconT.O. and Randy Moss

When did wide receivers become the most important people on the field?  You need a line to block and a quarterback to release the ball before a receiver is even relevant. 

I personally could care less if these guys "feel they are getting the ball enough" or if they liked their ex-coach.  Who cares! 

I'm glad to see that Moss has at least learned to keep his mouth closed and do what he's paid to do—catch the damn ball. 

They're not the second coming of Jesus...they just catch the ball.  You can be the most gifted athlete in the world, but if you don't have a QB good enough to get you the ball...


Retired NFL players and coaches opinions on current NFL players and teams

Okay, I know a lot of these guys are now providing commentary, but I have a major issue when their comments take precedent over the actual game being played! 

I don't care what Tiki thinks of Eli, and I certainly could care less what Parcells thinks of T.O. 

How did they do in the game this week?  How did they beat the other team, or how did the other team stop them? 

I'm interested in that kind of info, and as a retired player and/or coach, you can provide me with the insight that sitting on my couch doesn't provide.  Keep your personal opinions to yourself and report on the actual game!


All star games 

All of them.   I can't stand or appreciate anything about them.  From the way they are picked (popularity contest) to the when and how they are played...they are pointless and a waste of everyone's time.  


IconOff the field stories in general

From dogfighting, to armed robbery, to homicide, to stripclubs goes on and on and on. 

I don't think we should live in a bubble, but come on people...I turn on sports to get away from everything else.  Even the feel-good stories seem forced and are hard to watch! 

Address the issues if you must, but I'm tired of having these stories dominate the sports world.