Test Your Knowledge With This College Football Pop Quiz

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Test Your Knowledge With This College Football Pop Quiz

Get out two pieces of paper and number one through fifteen, we're going to test your knowledge of the most talked about programs in the country. Use the second sheet to cover your answers!

1–Michigan began playing in Bowls in 1902. They did not lose their first bowl game until the 1970's. True or False?

2–Southern Cal's 1925 and 1929 teams of Howard Jones scored more points during their seasons than Pete Carroll's last two Trojan teams of 2006 and 2007. True or False?

3–Ohio State is 5-4 in Bowls over the past 10 years, 1998-2008. All four losses are to SEC teams. True or False?

4–Alabama has won eleven consecutive games against Clemson going into this season's match-up in Atlanta with the Tigers. True or False?

5–LSU has an all-time winning record against the Georgia Bulldogs and an all-time losing record versus the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. True or False?

6–Penn State has more all-time Bowl victories than any other school in the Big Ten. True or False?

7–Match the Bowl record with the appropriate Georgia Bulldog Coach: A) 4 wins, zero losses. B) 5 wins, 2 losses, 1 tie. C) 5 wins and 2 losses. Wally Butts, Mark Richt, and Jim Donnan.

8–Florida has the lowest winning percentage versus which of the following teams: A) Georgia, B) Georgia Tech, C) Alabama, D) Tennessee.

9–Vince Dooley had a losing record in the 20 Bowls that he coached in for the Georgia Bulldogs. True or False?

10–Match the winning percentage of the appropriate coach while at Alabama:  A) 72%, B) 71%, C) 68%, D)67%. Ray Perkins, Gene Stallings, Bill Curry, and Dennis Franchionne.

11–Who was the first team to defeat Southern California in a Bowl? 

12–Michigan played in seven bowls in the 1970s. How many did Michigan win?

13–How many times in history has Texas lost to Alabama? 

14–Between 1925 and 1970 Notre Dame won eight national championships but did not play in any Bowl games during those 45 years. Why? ( One sentence answer, please.)

15– We recognize that Ernie Davis of Syracuse was the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy. For what school did the second and third African-American Heisman Trophy winners play?   

Answers will be announced later in this article. Winners will receive a highly coveted no-prize. Cheating is definitely allowed. Get in those answers!

Judge Yourself: A) 13-15 Correct, definite super-fan. B) 10-12 Correct, have done your homework. C) 7-9 Correct, dedicated Conference USA Fan. D) 4-6 Correct, have heard of the Rose Bowl. E) 1-3 Correct, pass that bottle to me. F) 0 Correct, forget it.         

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