Designing The Perfect Tight End

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IAugust 22, 2008

So, if you had the opportunity to build a prototype tight end by combining the greatest attributes of the best tight ends in the NFL, whose skills would you use? Here are my picks:


1)     Speed: Vernon Davis

With a 40 yard dash time that has been reported to be as fast as a 4.3, Davis may be one of the fastest tight ends in history. Once he finds a quarterback to throw to him, the world will see just how dangerous his speed could be.

2)     Catching: Antonio Gates

Antonio has some of the most reliable hands in the game today. Antonio utilizes his basketball skills to adjust to the ball in the air, react, and bring the ball down safely. Simply stated, nobody can catch a ball quite like him.

3)     Blocking: Kyle Brady

Kyle may not be much of a receiver, but he is an absolutely devastating in line blocker. When Kyle Brady is in the game, you virtually have a sixth lineman blocking for you.

4)     Versatility: Chris Cooley

In today’s NFL, versatility is at a premium for tight ends. Ends may be required to stay in as a blocker, go out for a pass, split out as a wideout, or play the H- back spot in the backfield. Chris Cooley fills all of these roles on a frequent basis, and he does so at a pro bowl caliber level.

5)     Body: Jason Witten

At 6’5 and 262 pounds, Jason Witten has the prototype type body for an NFL tight end. He has the height to make catches over smaller receivers, the size to dominate as a blocker, and the athletic frame to allow himself to maintain his speed and mobility.