Wrestling: The 10 Current Worst Themes in WWE and TNA

Steven ConeyCorrespondent IOctober 26, 2010

Wrestling: The 10 Current Worst Themes in WWE and TNA

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    In my eyes, there are three things that make a top wrestler: in-ring ability, mic skills and a good, recognizable theme.

    Die-hard fans will obviously recognize most, if not all, wrestler's themes but the casual fan might not. It might seem like such a small thing but I believe that all top wrestler's have a theme that you know, recognize and that fits the wrestler's gimmick well.

    In this slideshow, I mention ten current themes that I don't like. Your opinion may be different and if there are any others that you think should have made the cut then please don't hesitate to comment below and let me know your thoughts.

    If there's enough feedback, there might be a part two. Anyway, let the bad themes commence!

1. Daniel Bryan

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    Although Bryan has really made a mark since he came into the WWE, his new theme is, quite frankly, terrible.

    This is the sort of thing you’d expect to hear whilst watching Star Wars, or worse still, at an opera. Bryan doesn’t really need much of a gimmick as his in-ring work is top notch, but he might be taking things a bit far with this new theme.

2. Alberto Del Rio

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    This theme, in its own right, isn’t all that bad. It sounds kind of Mexican so fits with Del Rio, but I just can’t take it seriously.

    It doesn’t sound like a wrestling theme; it’s not something that’ll get you pumped for the upcoming match. But then again, neither does Del Rio…

3. Ted DiBiase

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    At least Del Rio’s music, although terrible, fits him. DiBiase’s is frankly awful. It just seems a bit bland and boring, which yet again, could easily be used to describe the superstar in question.

    The man has the looks and pedigree to be a star but, much like his theme, is a bit bland.

4. Tyler Reks

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    I’m not going to lie: I’d never seen this guy wrestle until two weeks back. After some due diligence, it seems he has come through the FCW ranks fair enough.

    But what has this guy actually done in the WWE apart from steal Kaval’s Bragging Rights spot away? His theme doesn’t really help either; it’s as forgettable as the man himself.

5. Jeff Hardy

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    Hardy debuted a new theme at Bound for Glory. It coincided well with his heel turn and him winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

    Heels, for me, need to have a "dark" theme. It’s hard to explain, but it’s fairly easy to say whether a theme would work better for a face or heel. A good example is John Cena, if he turns heel, do you really think he could pull it off with his current entrance theme? Me neither.

    Hardy is going to have enough trouble convincing people that he is a credible heel, and his new theme doesn’t really help him at all.

6. Cody Rhodes

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    I don’t really get Rhodes’ new gimmick. It hasn’t helped his credibility or his performances in his ring, but I guess it wastes some TV time.

    His new theme, much like his old tag team partner Ted DiBiase, is quite painful. It’s cheesier than a cheese sandwich with cheese spread.

    I’m quite surprised Rhodes hasn’t been sued by Sting. For anyone who has watched TNA for the past couple of months, please tell me you didn’t think Sting owned the rights to the words “smoke and mirrors.” Please?!

7. Brian Kendrick

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    I’m not even sure what this can be classified as. Is it music? It’s definitely not a song. I think it’s just some noise.

    Kendrick has used this theme since he debuted in TNA in January and has yet to make a mark on the company. I think the first thing he can do to help him achieve that is to get a new theme.

8. Anonymous RAW GM

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    I know, I know, it’s not really a theme, but still it’s stupidly annoying. It was kind of intriguing to begin with, but now it’s just boring.

    The noise has really started to get on my nerves, and I'm sure some of you who have friends with iPhones. With this being the text alert for the iPhone, I can never seem to get away from it!

    Michael Cole doesn’t help either with the same old “Can I have your attention please?” How about no.  

9. Abyss

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    I don’t know what to say. I know it's not his current theme or gimmick, but it's awful enough to make the cut. If any wrestling booker ever needed an example of how to completely wreck a monster, it’s here.

    I know it fit in well with his gimmick at the time, but the gimmick, along with the theme, was dreadful. Poor old Abyss is still feeling the after effects of being mocked so much.

10. Carlito

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    I had to include this, it makes me laugh every time I listen to it. With Carlito now a free agent, it would be very surprising if he didn’t end up in TNA at some point (doesn’t every former WWE guy?), and this theme was made in the style of RVD’s current entrance theme.

    I think Carlito should join TNA just so this theme can be used!