Robinho's Chelsea Deal Doesn't Feel Right

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Robinho's Chelsea Deal Doesn't Feel Right

I must start this out by stating that I am a Chelsea fan.  I want Robinho to become a Blue more than you know.  It pains me to think this way, but I must speak my mind.  With that being said, here we go.

In the current days of celebrity footballers and overpaid, under-talented, players why are we letting go of the principles of a deal.  In this case, I mean a contract.

Robinho plays for one of the most-widely recognizable clubs in the world, Real Madrid.  He makes approximately £70,000 a week, and has been a part of two consecutive league winning teams in Spain. 

Now, he wants to go to West London and play for Chelsea?  Am I missing something?

It's not that I think Chelsea don't deserve the best quality players in the world. It's not that I think we don't need him.  It is that I don't think players respect the clubs they play for, and prey on the fact that they can push a team's hand into selling or releasing them.

When you sign a binding document saying your services belong to a particular company or sports team you must be made to honor it...PERIOD!

As I stated I am a Chelsea supporter. I went through this drama already this summer with Frank Lampard. I didn't like it then, and even with Robinho trying to leave the elitist side of Real Madrid, I don't like it now.

Lampard pushed until they finally gave him what he wanted. The only thing I took from that-is he wanted, in the end, to be secure in his future. He has done a lot for the club and vice-versa. I respect that even though it didn't seem to be the reason he was doing it to begin with.

In this case Madrid did themselves no favors by making remarks about how players should be free to leave teams if they are unhappy or have a desire to play for another team. They can't go backwards now. So they may be as much to blame here as well.

So in the end I will cheer Robinho from far. I will be in a grand mood when he scores a winning goal here and there. That does not mean I have to respect his actions on how he may become a Blue.

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