Carey Price vs. Justin Pogge: Who Is the Better Goalie?

Shane HouseAnalyst IAugust 22, 2008

Carey Price vs. Justin Pogge - who is the better goalie? Who is more of a complete package? And who will have more success in the NHL? That is the question at hand, and I bet a lot of people are saying "what a retarded question," but hear me out.

Of course people will say Carey Price because he has had more time to establish himself in the NHL, and in all fairness he is in the lead for who is better, but don't count Pogge out.

Pogge played admirably last season in the minors and if he continues this year will warrant a call-up to play to the big club. He is big, has a quick glove and moves very well in the crease, just like Carey Price.

But unlike Carey Price, Justin Pogge has no NHL experience under his belt yet and still has a lot of work to do before he gets some.

Carey Price on the other hand, has already gotten a big taste of what the NHL is like, and in a lot of games last season, has shown he can play at an all-star level.

So that means Carey Price has won right?


Even though Carey Price has shown he can be a great goaltender, Justin Pogge still hasn't had a chance to showcase his skills yet. He needs a little more time to develop before he can have his chance at a permanent position in the big show, and in all fairness, so does Price.

Price hasn't hit his peak yet, it's scary to think he plays this well before he has even hit his prime. Yet again, he showed chinks in his armor in the playoffs, which tells me he needs a little more experience before he hits that next level of play.

So, after all this, who is the better goalie?

The answer is Price. He is already in the NHL playing at a high level, and he is not even legally able to drink in the U.S. yet. That is very impressive for a goalie to say the least.

But remember, this is as of right now. Justin Pogge is still a fine prospect and I am certain that one day, when he reaches his potential, he will be the starter for the Toronto Maple Leafs, and two-three years from now, this topic will be a much more intense battle of words between the Les Canadiens of Montreal, and the Toronto Maple Leafs.