Notre Dame Fighting Irish to Go Undefeated For the Rest Of the Year?

John BuckleyContributor IOctober 25, 2010

Dayne Crist against Navy at New Meadowlands Stadium
Dayne Crist against Navy at New Meadowlands StadiumNick Laham/Getty Images

Albert Einstein stated that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So, can someone explain to me why I start the first week of September off the same way every year. I sit there and defend Notre Dame football, I profess to anyone that will listen that this is the year We're back, the "Return to Glory." And every year, here I am, deflated.

Notre Dame lost this past weekend to Navy. Again. 

Navy's backup fullback ran for over 200 yards. Backup. Fullback. Two hundred yards. 

Yes, the Irish were without the top four weapons on offense, and its hard to score points with your starting back at less than 100 percent, and missing an all-American tight end and both starting wide receivers.

Maybe it explains the fact that the Irish couldn't put the ball in the end zone from the one-yard line against a heavily outweighed Navy defense. But, does that explain the beat down that Navy's offense gave us?  Does it explain the three touchdowns by Ricky Dobbs? No. It doesn't. 

“If we play like we played defensively, there won’t be a year five and six for me,” head coach Brian Kelly said.

He is at least thinking realistically, he already sees himself as the next ND coach to last three or four years and get booted. Somewhere Charlie, Bob and Tyrone are saying, "I told ya so."  

I'm sick and tired of it being a rebuilding year, when hasn't it been. Can we just hire Lou Holtz back so we can start being relevant in the college football landscape?

But lets look towards the future because it looks positive. (Einstein shaking his head at me)

ND has four games left, one against another option team, Army, one against a beatable but winning Tulsa team and two against tougher squads—USC and Utah.

If the Irish can put up a stand, and show that the loss to Navy isn't the beginning of the end like it was for ole Charlie Weis, than we can consider this season a success. 

This isn't the same old Irish football team, the talent is there, the speed is there. 

The defense has come a long way since last season and with Manti and Carlo manning the middle, I think we have a fantastic starting point to build on.

The offense has a decent amount of work to do, but the pieces of the puzzle are there, Kelly just needs to start putting them together.

Michael Floyd will be back, so will Theo Riddick. Unfortunately we will have to wait till next year to see Rudolph.

I don't think this Irish team is going to quit, its not this teams character and Kelly simply won't let them go out like Weis did.

 I see the Irish winning out for the rest of the season, and giving us fans something to be proud of which would be a shot a a bowl game that might be played on the main continent.  

And I'll be there next year, telling anyone within earshot that this is the year... I guess I am insane by Einsteins standards.