Introducing The "Reminding Team"

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Introducing The

Thirty-six years have passed since basketball was introduced into the Olympic Games as a legit medal sport. Since then, U.S basketball reigned. They ruthlessly embarrassed their opponents with athleticism, sharp shooting, toughness, and over all talent.

U.S Men’s Olympic Squad holds an astounding record of 12 gold’s, one sliver (refused to accept it) and two bronze medals, one being in the disappointing performance of the 2004 Olympics Games held in Athens, Greece.

The World Championship record isn’t as impressive with only three gold’s, three silver’s, and four bronze medals.  

However, after seeing ruthless D, undeniable leadership from all players, and a team not filled with the NBA's superstars but with super friends, I can now say, Sunday's defeat of Spain will place this "Reminding Team" back on the podium draped under American flags, heads risen to the star spangled banner, and proudly wearing an Olympic gold medal.

People might be thinking, what? Didn't his previous article say? I never said they would lose but how I only respected and feared at times the rest of the world. Nevertheless, in the back of my mind I always knew the U.S Men’s Olympic Basketball team would win.

But didn't want to say it because of past failures and the "catching up of teams," I just didn’t want to talk. Fact is, the talent and chemistry teams like Argentina and Spain have convinced me to keep my mouth shut until after the results. 

I was far from right!

The pulverizing of European juggernauts (Spain and Lithuania) and South American spunk (Argentina) we can safely and proudly shout…

U.S Men’s Basketball Olympic Squad is number one, yet again.

A team formed not only to win the gold but to REMIND other basketball enhanced nations, that “There’s only one squad"…And there’s nothing you can do about it.

Besides a few statements on the stature of the North American Squad follows my apologies. I know they won’t read it, but you should always have faith in a team with arguably the most talented players in the world, and more importantly your colors.

World domination...check!

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