WWE Bragging Rights Results: Randy Orton Retains, Undertaker Buried

Miss AnnieAnalyst IOctober 25, 2010

Randy Orton raises his WWE Championship Title to the crowd at Bragging Rights
Randy Orton raises his WWE Championship Title to the crowd at Bragging Rights

Being the second PPV within the month, WWE Bragging Rights has had little time to build up feuds and storylines. But were the matches' quality enough to make up for it? Did it have something to brag about? Read on and share your thoughts in the comment.


Champion vs. Champion: Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler

The first match of the night was between Raw's United States Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Smackdown's Intercontinental Champion. Dolph Ziggler showed a lot of game in this match and was impressive, as was Bryan.

It was a pretty even match, with both men gaining momentum and advantages alternately, which made the match exciting and unpredictable. Both men utilized everything in their arsenal pretty well, resulting in near fall after near fall in favor of both men.

The crowd was very much alive on this one, especially on that one sequence where Bryan attempted to suplex Ziggler from the top rope, but was reversed and almost resulted to a pin and then reversed again for another near fall which got the most reaction during the match.

It had only one night to build this up which was last Monday's Raw, where they showed contrast between the two champions with regards to their social skills, with Bryan taking the upper hand. There really wasn't anything at stake, but it was still a very good match and it got the crowd involved which is always good.


WWE Unified World Tag Team Championship Match

Dashing Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre came out to do a promo and ask for an opponent to defend their title against, and was then put into an impromptu match by the anonymous general manager. Wade Barrett, the Nexus' fearless leader then came out and introduced the team of David Otunga, and surprise! –John Cena.

I was expecting Heath Slater and Justin Gaybriel, but then Cena has to have a match to satisfy his fans I guess. Drew and Cody took the early advantage, tagging in and out against David Otunga, until Otunga tagged Cena in. Cena ended up taking the pin over Cody Rhodes, winning the Tag Titles for Nexus and then giving Otunga an Attitude Adjustment.

The match itself was pretty standard, nothing too spectacular, perhaps because it was sort of a last minute thing. They might have just done it to throw us a curve ball about what to expect for Nexus' night as a group, building momentum for the team with a Cena-Otunga win.

They also probably did it to make the Cena fans happy. Some people were actually saying they weren't going to watch the PPV because Cena didn't have a match. But the funny thing is, this match wasn't even announced, so it would've been too late for these people to buy the PPV—if they aren't watching it on stream, anyway.

The question I want to ask though is what's going to happen to Drew and Cody's team now? I thought that team worked very well. They certainly could've done something more with them, but with the titles gone, what have they got?

I suppose there will be a return match on Raw, but we'll see. I really don't see Cena tagging with Otunga for the sake of holding the title for long. I feel Cena would most likely turn on Otunga again, costing them the title sometime soon, maybe as early as tonight.


Ted DiBiase vs. Goldust

I think this match was actually announced but I'm not sure. I'm really not invested in this feud and I don't think a lot of people are, but it wasn't a bad match either. It was actually pretty good, although I got to say the high point was when Maryse and Aksana mixed it up.

Ted DiBiase won the match but Goldust still has the Million Dollar Belt, with the help of his fiancé Aksana. I may get heat for this but I'm not into Goldust's gimmick or storyline direction on this. I know he has a DVD coming out and they are making him more visible to ensure help promote it though.

I guess it will have to suffice for now, but I can't see how they are going to take this further though. At least it gives DiBiase something to do, aside from shooting videos for his youtube channel. I suppose they plan on pushing him sooner or later. If so then they need to give him more relevant roles, and not just jobbing to R-Truth or Goldust every week.


Unified Diva's Championship Match


Layla and Natalya's match surprisingly lasted longer than usual. It was a bit chaotic though, like there's too much going on more than the actual match or wrestling. Gotta hand it to Natalya though, she did awesome. Layla wasn't so bad either. I was impressed at that submission maneuver she locked on Natalya. They were right when they said Lay-Cool was evolving. There's certainly something new with the two that we see every time.

I thought for sure Natalya was going to take this one, and I'm sure a lot of people did too. Alas, we were wrong. I hope they continue to push her, and eventually give her the title. But for now, the anticipation is killer.


World Heavyweight Championship: Buried Alive Match

Minnesota crowd was definitely for Undertaker. They were eating up everything Taker did, like throwing steel chair into the ring as well as the top part of the announce table. Kane spent a lot of time trying to get away from the dead man throughout the match though, until they got to the top of the mound.

The crowd was chanting "we want blood", but they were on the wrong show. Nonetheless, the match was as good as it could be even without the blood. It almost looked like Undertaker was going to win as he was able to put Kane inside the grave after rendering him unconscious with his signature Hell's Gate submission, but The Nexus came out and interfered in the match and helped Kane win.

I have no idea what that was about, what kind of allegiance they were hoping to make with Kane or if they were even planning on something like it. I thought they did it so Kane would return the favor and help Barrett during his match with Randy Orton, but nothing materialized in regards to that. Thank goodness.

I think it's pretty obvious they are going to stretch out this feud for a bit longer. Taker has to get his revenge somehow, doesn't he? I'm really curious as to what Nexus' role here, if there would be a follow-through, or if it's just a one-off thing. Maybe Kane will show up at Raw if Barrett gets another shot at the WWE Championship and return the favor? I hope not, but who knows? Anything can happen.

I have to say though, that unlike the Goldust and DiBiase feud, this one actually gets better as it goes longer.


Raw vs Smackdown 7-on-7 Tag Match

Honestly, I thought Raw was going to win it this year. Just because Smackdown had all the momentum going in the PPV, and Miz seems to be getting all the pushes he can and to be the last man standing would be another laurel resting on his big head. (Ha!)

The match was great, giving everyone who had no storyline to go with a chance to shine, which I think is the primary purpose of this type of match anyway. Tyler Reks got to show off quite a bit as he was in there a few times. So was Del Rio, who showed how he doesn't care about anyone else but himself, by going after Mysterio despite being in the same team with him.

Santino was the first one eliminated. Next to be eliminated was Kofi, by Sheamus' High Cross. I thought he'd be in longer though. Everyone aside from Santino had ample time in the ring. Except maybe for R-Truth. I didn't really see him do anything, except get Speared by Edge.

Edge was the one of the two men left for team Smackdown along with Rey Mysterio who returned despite an injured arm, while Raw still had Big Zeke, CM Punk, and Miz with Alex Riley, who ended up sacrificing himself for his boss. But it all amounted to nothing as Rey tagged Edge in which resulted in a Spear to Miz.

The funniest thing happened then: Matt Striker's celebration. "In your face! In your face! You know where it is? It's in your face!"

I suppose they had to give it to Smackdown again this year, especially because they just moved to a new network.


WWE Championship: Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett with John Cena

This was probably the most emotionally charged match of the night, with Cena's fate, and probably the whole WWE Universe, as they were making out to be, was hanging in the balance. The stakes were high. If Wade Barrett loses, he will fire John Cena. If he becomes champion, then the last hope—Randy Orton, would've failed to quell the infection that is The Nexus. Their words, not mine.

The ending worked out to keep the balance though, with John Cena finding a loophole, getting Randy Orton disqualified by giving an Attitude Adjustment to Barrett. Orton retains, but Barrett gets the win, therefore he can't be fired.

The match was well played out too, with both competitors bringing everything on the table. Barrett dominated most of the match though, with Randy getting in only a few offense of his own, until the ending sequence.

At one point, the rest of the Nexus came out to help their leader as the referee was knocked out outside the ring. And Cena helped Orton get rid of them, but only because he said Wade Barrett was going to get disqualified if he didn't.

But that's when it all unraveled for Barrett, because as Orton coiled for the RKO, Cena decided to give him an AA. Cena got an RKO for his effort though, and Randy Orton stood tall in the middle of the ring, still WWE Champion, and just for the heck of it, RKOd Wade Barrett for good measure.

I'm pretty sure Barrett and the rest of the Nexus will not take it lightly and will do something to make Cena's life more miserable than it already is. Now that Cena's also a Tag Champ with Otunga, how will it affect the dynamics of the group?

I'm not sure if Barrett will continue to go after the WWE Championship though, but I guess we'll see the answers this Monday Night's Raw.

To conclude, there were hits and misses in the PPV for sure, but I'm not quite sure if the good outweighs the bad, or vice versa. The thing is, the misses were all about the less significant storylines and as I've mentioned, I'm not invested in them all that much.

They got the ones that matters right so, I really don't have much to complain about. So, to answer the question I asked above, I'd say yes. It's not that much, but it's still something to brag about. Of course, we'd have a difference in opinion, so please feel free to discuss on the comments.

Thanks for reading.


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