Out With the Old Favre, In With the New Rodgers

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Out With the Old Favre, In With the New Rodgers

Many people who refer to themselves as Packers fans have in recent months become outraged, and why not? Brett Favre, the savior of the Packers, the man who took us to two Super Bowls, the man who has been playing in Green Bay for the past 16 seasons is finally gone.  

What does this mean? It means we have a new quarterback. And guess what people? You're going to have to deal with it.

That new quarterback is Aaron Rodgers which means, as Packers fans, we are obliged to cheer for him as long as he's leading our team.  I have become sick with all this talk about Brett Favre and hearing people whine that he isn't coming back and that is okay.  

What is not okay, by any stretch of the imagination, is people insulting our new quarterback.  I don't like it when people start cheering "bring back Brett!" or something like that; it is unacceptable.  

Here's the problem: one way or another, Brett's gone and he's not going to be a Packer ever again.  In the meantime, we need to make the best of what we have and that is encouraging Aaron Rodgers in any way possible.  

Look, I implore you: how much do you think it will help the Packers in the upcoming season if people insult our new quarterback (which several people have done, a notable example is Aaron walking to his car and some guy yelling "F*** you" to him)?  It just flat out won't.  We need him mentally prepared to lead our team to success in the upcoming season and verbally harassing him is not going to help.  

If you are a Packers fan then please, for the sake of everyone, say something nice about Rodgers. If you continue to hate him for not being Brett Favre, ask yourself this question “am I a Packers fan or a Brett Favre fan?” If you are a Packers fan, cheer for Rodgers.

P.S.  One thing that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside was seeing Aaron get a standing ovation at the preseason opener. Thank you everyone who stood up and cheered.

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