Au Revoir to Bad Gimmicks

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Au Revoir to Bad Gimmicks

Tired of the some of the more horrendous gimmicks that you see in WWE and TNA today? Many would answer yes to that question.

In no particular order, I decided to make a quick list of some of the gimmicks that I know I would like to get rid of. Many may disagree, or think that there is someone more worthy of being on this list, however this is strictly opinion based. Feel free to leave comments on whether or not you disagree with my choices.

Cryme Tyme

I actually don't have anything against Cryme Tyme. They are decent wrestlers and their shenanigans are very entertaining. However, I surprised the WWE hasn't gotten a call from the NAACP asking why a tag team called Cryme Tyme must consist of two African-American wrestlers. I know many who find this gimmick very stereo-typical, especially when they see two black guys, dressed in typical "thug" attire, stealing from other wrestlers, and then selling items off to the crowd.

Matt Striker

When I watch wrestling, I'm really not watching it so much for the educational value. Therefore, whenever Matt Striker feels that it is time for class to start, I end up changing the channel. Plus, even when I do pay attention to Striker, I don't learn a damn thing. Michelle McCool was definitely a more marketable teacher, for obvious reasons.


Festus, formerly the fake Kane, in my eyes is a pretty decent wrestler (once the bell rings), after that I find him annoying to watch. The absent-minded thing just isn't working. I wouldn't be surprised if him and Jesse were sent packing soon enough, or if he ditched Jesse, and started using big intelligent words that he learned while taking lessons from Matt Striker.


Although the Boogeyman is currently on hiatus, he is still a member of the WWE roster, therefore he made it on this list. Eating worms is just not how you want to market a guy. And that crazy foam that come out of his mouth? Don't forget that stick he carries, the clock he smashes on his head, the awful face paint, the nursery rhymes, and worst of all, that annoying shaking he does. It always looks as though he is having a seizure. Maybe he should get doctors to check him for that, among many other apparent health issues. I do thank him, however, for eating that horrendous mole off of Jillian Hall's face.


The Hornswoggle character is not cute, funny, or cuddly, In fact he is just plain creepy. The fact that he had actually managed to win the cruiserweight championship, before it was vacated, is wrong. There were many more deserving contenders, but i guess that was WWE's way of pissing on the belt before removing it from television. His tadpole splash, In my opinion, is just a mockery of the move made famous by Eddie Guerrero and Rob Van Dam. If only Hornswoggle was under the ring the night that it collapsed after Brock Lesnar suplexed The Big Show.

Jillian Hall

Jillian makes Brooke Hogan look like a multi-platinum sensation. Her voice makes little kids cry, and even William Hung would sell more records than her. Jillian is actually one of the better Diva wrestlers. Just let her do her thing in the ring because nobody wants to hear her sing.

Jimmy Wang Yang

The Japanese Redneck? This is both an insult to the Japanese and Rednecks. It was even worse when Shannon Moore joined him as the Punk Redneck. The character was entertaining at first. Now it is annoying and redundant, and that fake accent isn't fooling anybody. Yang, however is a good wrestler, and should be repackaged back into a character similar to that of Akio.

Rock and Rave Infection

Lance Hoyt was one of my favorite wrestlers in TNA. His heel turn in TNA with just him and Christy Hemme was a good idea. Then he became a member of the Rock and Rave Infection with Christy Hemme and Jimmy Rave. I honestly don't know what's worse. Lance "Rock" and Jimmy Rave walking around with Guitar Hero guitars or Christy Hemme's singing. Perhaps she should have a sing off with Jillian Hall. I know I would definitely tune in to see who made the bigger fool of themselves. Also, it is setting a bad example for kids to finish every interview off with,"time to get infected."

Prince Justice Brotherhood

I am actually surprised to see that Eric Young has lasted this long in TNA without Team Canada. I was expecting him to get his pink slip soon after. The only successful superhero gimmick in wrestling was The Hurricane. Somehow, I never got annoyed of him. Christopher Daniels' fake Japanese accent, Shark Boy's Stone Cold ambitions, and Eric Young just make for one horrible viewing experience. However, I must congratulate them on solving the mystery of Val's missing ring.

Kip James

Mr. Ass, Billy, and now this. If the creative in TNA and WWE have one thing in common, it's that they both believe that Billy Gunn has to be marketed as either one-half of a gay couple, a man obsessed with his glutes, or, for lack of a better term, a flamboyant hair dresser. Monty Sopp's best gimmicks were The Outlaw (should have had a better name though) and The One. I actually took him seriously then.

Abdul Bashir

The "I Hate America" gimmick has been played out for way too long. The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff may have found success praising their home countries while living in the US, however, not many wrestlers have done so since. Daivari failed with this gimmick while in WWE, and he probably won't be much more successful in TNA.

When writers make these gimmicks, I'm not sure they are thinking about the long term. What will it look like to go through the Cruiserweight Title archive fifty years from now and see a name like Hornswoggle there? Then to google him and find out that he was the closest thing to a real leprechaun that we'll ever get?

I'm not saying that wrestlers shouldn't have personalities and characters. I just think that a lot of these gimmicks have no place in a wrestling ring.

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