San Diego Charger Fans Overreacting: Norv Turner Is the Right Man for the Job

Heneli IongiAnalyst IOctober 25, 2010

Norv Turner
Norv TurnerKevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Charger fans are obviously frustrated with the way the Chargers have been playing lately.

They are trying to make sense of all the madness; trying to make sense of why the team is 2-5 versus what many anticipated to be at least a 6-0 start.  

They take the cowardly stance and blame what they deem to be the most obvious choice, Chargers head coach Norv Turner.

It's easy for us all to sit down and blame Norv Turner. Sure, blame him.  

But for every single one of you that is blaming him for the Chargers ultimate slow start are shortsighted, as you folks don't see the whole picture.  

Norv Turner is the reason we aren't 0-7, that's right. Turner is the reason we aren't the joke of the NFL right now.  

Why do I say this? Here is something for many of you to consider.

The Chargers have lost four Pro-Bowlers: LaDainian Tomlinson declined on a team striving to be more balanced; Kassim Osgood didn't want to resign as he wanted more time as a WR in which he wouldn't be promised; Antonio Cromartie proved he wasn't capable of handling Ron Rivera's defense in the past two seasons; Jamal Williams was paid too much for riding the bench while other NT's stepped up.  

Not to mention the two RFA that were holding out. Vincent Jackson is coming back, although he was holding out for the past eight weeks and Marcus McNeil was holding out until he came back just recently.  

Add another Pro-Bowler to be gone soon, Shawne Merriman.

That's five Pro-Bowlers gone or soon to be gone.

Now Norv Turner has Malcom Floyd as the number one WR, Legedu Naanee being a first time starting WR, Antonio Garay as a first time NT in a 3-4 defense, Brandyn Dombrowski starting for the first time full-time, Larry English starting for the first time, a rookie Ryan Mathews starting and Antoine Cason making his first start.

That line-up didn't stay the same even for two weeks straight, as injuries mounted even for those first time players, forcing players into the game that never played a single NFL down, like Seyi Ajirotutu and Richard Goodman.

Take into consideration that the Chargers have suffered season-ending injuries. The Chargers are on their 5th long snapper and have four linebackers on season-ending IR: Kion Wilson, James Holt, Jyles Tucker and Donald Butler.  

Every one one of these guys effect not only the depth on the Chargers defense, but also the quality of special teams coverage that has to change from game to game the past seven weeks.

Not to mention the injuries the Chargers suffered thus far with Brandon Siler, Stephen Cooper, Kevin Burnett, Malcom Floyd, Antonio Gates, Legedu Naanee, Buster Davis, Louis Vasquez, Larry English, Jyles Tucker, Ryan Mathews and other players. And oh yeah, Stephen Gregory is suspended for four games.

With so many injuries, the Charges are forcing players that don't have significant playing time into a role where they must contribute greatly. Such a incident causes teams offensively to have more dropped passes and fumbles, which has been the case for the Chargers in all of their losses.  

With such a high rate of injuries to the linebacking corps, it has a direct effect on the special teams. If the special teams coverage unit isn't stable with the same group of players, you run the risk of giving up TD's on open lanes and risk punts being blocked, which was the case for the Chargers.

With all these changes, it's easy for any ordinary coach to go 0-7, but the Chargers aren't 0-7—they are 2-5 and were in it on EVERY game despite the lack of special teams or fumbles by so many personnel changes as Norv Turner tries to compensate for the injuries that have occurred.

Hell, Norv Turner is doing it with players like Jacque Cesaire, Antonio Garay, Kevin Burnett, Antwan Applewhite, Antwan Barnes, Antoine Cason, Paul Oliver, Legedu Naanee, Andre Goodman, Seyi Ajirtutu, Ryan Mathews, etc.  

When you lose Vincent Jackson and Marcus McNeil for nearly half the season, lose five Pro-Bowlers and suffer major injuries to key players, you just don't go around and boast the best offense and defense in football.  

Don't jump ship on Norv Turner: He's the only reason why the Chargers are even surviving despite so many things that have hit them this season thus far.  

I'll tell you what, when the Chargers have something stable and the new players build that confidence in themselves, you'll have a Chargers squad that no one wants to play against.  

When Tom Brady was asked how well he thought the Patriots' offense did, he replied "what offense." Brady knows that game was given to them.  

He'll take the win but I'm sure he's hoping the Chargers don't make the playoffs.

With every game, win or lose, the Chargers players that are being asked to touch the ball more and more and will get that game-time "common sense" that only starters have. Once they have that, you'll see teams get blown out.  

Just think, we kept ourselves in the game against the Patriots with both starting WR's out and a whole bunch of other players inactive for the game.

The Chargers are only beating themselves.

Most of them are new Charger players learning the Charger way. The Charger faithful, like myself, should not jump ship and be patient.  

The Chargers will make a turnaround.  

Mock my words if you like but the Chargers will make their turnaround against the Titans—you'll see.  

Have faith in Norv Turner. I see what he's doing.  

He's doing better than any coach I've ever seen in history that has dealt with anything similar to what the Chargers got hit with.