College Football Polls: TCU No. 1 in Intuitive Top 10, the Bill Parcells Theorem

Tim McGheeCorrespondent IIIOctober 25, 2010

Bill Parcells, football personnel evaluator and developer of Bill Parcells Theorem.
Bill Parcells, football personnel evaluator and developer of Bill Parcells Theorem.Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Another No. 1 falls.  Blame it on the Tuna.

Boise State  No. 2

The Bill Parcells Theorem of Dealing with Injured Players applies to the college game:  "How can I evaluate you if you don't play?"  Fair?  Maybe.  Balanced? Yep.  Alabama takes next weekend off.

TCU  No. 1

A win over any service academy is a big win, especially a 38-7 victory over high-flying Air Force.  No. 1?  We'll see what happens to Louisiana Tech in the quaint town of Boise, Idaho, Tuesday night.

Oregon  Tied for No. 3

Ducks celebrate a tremendous Thursday night margin of victory, which the Intuitive Top Ten considers significant and relevant.  Oregon bides its time waiting for The Big 1-2 Stumble.

Auburn  Tied for No. 3

Huge conference division victory over stud-laden LSU. As a fan of the BCS number 1 team with the leading Heisman candidate, a co-ed held up a poster to a CBS camera: "Cam Newton for Husband!"

Alabama  No. 5

Julio Jones makes his Heisman statement.  Nick Saban just circled them, highlighted them in pink, and stuck Have a Hardcore Day stickers on them: November 6 at LSU and November 26 against Auburn.

Ohio State  No. 6

I'm in Morgantown for West Virginia/Syracuse.  A text appears on my cell phone from my friend at Ohio Stadium in Columbus:  "A nation gathers, conquer Purdue!"  Nice call.

Michigan State  No. 7

America's Dream Team comes from behind very late on the road.  Flash to the winning score, to the scoreboard, to a sports bar in East Lansing, then to a smiling Mark Dantonio.  Fade to green.

Missouri  No. 8

The Show-Me State university took the Sooners down and unleashed a record 10-slot jump in the Intuitive Top Ten poll.  Four Big XII North teams await for a probable double shot at Oklahoma.

Utah  No. 9

The Utes fly into Colorado Springs to take on Air Force.  Remember my "be wary of athletes from the service academies" speech.  So, Utah, don't think TCU until after the game.

Oklahoma  No. 10

Sooners: "Ain't dead yet!"  Big XII South: "That's what we're afraid of!"  Could be tough. Remaining four South division teams on Oklahoma's schedule add up to a 2010 overall 20-9 record.

Also receiving nods:  No. 11 Wisconsin, No. 12 LSU, No. 13 Stanford, No. 14 Nebraska, No. 15 Arizona, and No. 16 Florida State.