Gail Kim Leaves TNA and Rejoins WWE—But What's in Store for Her?

Adam WrightSenior Analyst IAugust 22, 2008

This week, the Pro Wrestling world was shaken by the sudden news that TNA Knockout Gail Kim is leaving the company.

Kim's last TNA match aired last night on TNA Impact, when she fought her rival Awesome Kong in a Street Fight.

Her departure from the company leaves a big hole in the TNA Knockout division, which was gaining steam. Kim is said to be the one responsible of putting TNA's women's division on the map.

Now that a contract dispute has ended her time in TNA, it is expected that she will return to where she started...The WWE.

Gail Kim made her televised WWE debut in 2002. She entered a seven-woman Battle Royal. The rookie, who was inspired by fellow Canadian Trish Stratus, shocked the fans when she captured the WWE Women's Title in her first match with the company!

She stayed with the WWE until she was released in late 2004.

After some time in the indy circuits and in Japan, she re-emerged on the main stage in late 2005, this time with the rival company TNA. She entered the company when the women's division was non-existent. 

Nearly two years after she joined TNA, the company finally introduced a title for the Women's Division—the TNA Knockout Championship. In October of 2007, the first ever TNA Knockout Champion was crowned, and it was none other than Gail Kim!

From there, she elevated the status of the Knockout Division. Some say that she elevated it above WWE's Diva division. She competed in Cage matches, Street Fights, Ladder Matches, and so much more.

Now that she leaves TNA, what's in store for her in the WWE?

There's no doubt in my mind that she is the top contender for one of the two women's titles in the WWE. But what brand would she be better utilized in?

My vote goes to Smackdown! Unlike RAW, who has a lot of talent such as Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Candice Michelle, Katie Lea, and more, Smackdown needs more depth in their women's division. 

Smackdown is also lacking "face" divas. Kim was the top "face" in TNA, so she would fit in perfectly on Smackdown. And the eventual matchup against Natalya makes it even a better! Both are great in the ring, and no doubt the can pull off a memorable feud. The eventual rekindling of a feud against Victoria is also in the cards.

No doubt in my mind that her return to the WWE will help the women's division. Whichever brand she goes to, the title is not far from her reach. Can she re-elevate the division where it was in the 1990s-early 2000s with Trish Stratus, Lita, Jazz, Molly Holly, Victoria, and more?

So we wait and see for Gail Kim's comeback to the WWE. Let's all hope they utilize her so she can show her talent that we've seen in TNA.



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