Portland Trail Blazers' Point Guard Conundrums

Zeeshan KhanContributor IIOctober 25, 2010

Jerryd Bayless walks out the Trail Blazers future
Jerryd Bayless walks out the Trail Blazers futureOtto Greule Jr/Getty Images

I recently wrote an article about the Portland Trail Blazers future at point guard and if it involves Jerryd Bayless.

Well, that question was answered merely a few days later as Bayless was sent to the Hornets for a potential lottery pick.

So that makes the situation even messier. Rich Cho said that the reason for trading Bayless was that he wasn't a true point guard. Not just that, but he would've been the fourth option at shooting guard according to Cho.

So now that Blazers management has finally decided that Bayless isn't a point guard, who do they think can take the reins from Andre Miller?

Andre Miller is an exceptional point guard, but he is very old. Besides that, he doesn't seem to play well with the ball in Brandon Roy's hands. This is primarily because of his lack of shooting from the outside.

Armon Johnson, the second round draft pick from this year's draft, will probably get minutes at the backup point guard spot this season, but I am also expecting the coaching staff to experiment with a Wesley Matthews, Brandon Roy backcourt.

This will work out pretty well, in my opinion. Matthews doesn't force up bad shots and is a great perimeter defender. If he's out on the floor with Roy and Nicolas Batum, Roy can relax on defense and guard the other team's weakest offensive player. Hopefully that will keep him fresh and he'll be more aggressive on offense.

That will probably be this year's rotation at the point guard spot. But the question is really about the next season. Andre Miller's contract could be up and I don't expect the team to re-sign him to a new deal. That leaves the team with a few options.

The first option they would have is grooming Patty Mills (if he isn't released) or Armon Johnson into their starting point guard. Mills would provide terrific outside shooting while Johnson would give defensive effort.

The other thing they could do is put Matthews into the starting lineup alongside Roy. They might do this instead of putting young players like Mills or Johnson into the lineup. Matthews is also a young player, but he's far more experienced in playing time than those two.

That leaves us with the last two options. They could draft a point guard with the potential lottery pick they will be getting from New Orleans. The Hornets pick is top seven protected, so any point guard the Blazers draft will have to be with an eight pick or below.

That doesn't exhaust all the options the Blazers have though. The last option, the most appealing, would be to trade for an established point guard from another team. This might be the reason for trading Bayless for a first round pick. The pick can be a great asset in acquiring a star player from another team.

The Blazers have already been rumored to have gone after Devin Harris when the Carmelo trade was happening so this might be the option that Rich Cho is looking at.