Sunday Night Showdown: The Highs and Lows of Green Bay Victory

Carter BierwirthContributor IOctober 25, 2010

GREEN BAY, WI - OCTOBER 24:  Jared Allen #69 of the Minnesota Vikings pressures Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on October 24, 2010 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Jim Prisching/Getty Images)
Jim Prisching/Getty Images

Well, Packer nation can finally unleash a heavy sigh of relief tonight. Granted I had to have a heart attack before that could happen I'll still take it regardless.

The Green Bay Packers finally pulled off the victory they needed. A 28-24 victory against a Brett Favre led Vikings team with explosive weapons. This victory comes in light of plenty of media flack involving the Packers issues with finishing close games; most criticized being Aaron Rodgers.

This is certainly a sweet victory, and one that allows us to rest easy considering the presence of Favre, but Green Bay continued to display certain traits that linger albeit with a bit more luck in both officiating and game changing plays.

The Offense: Aaron Rodgers played solid—not spectacular—but got the job done. Minus two ugly interceptions through rushed actions and miss-communication between his receivers, he finished the night 21-of-34 with two touchdowns and two interceptions.

Granted that Rodgers was unable to keep the offense rolling late in the fourth quarter with more problems with his receivers. Brandon Jackson had 58 yards on 13 carries with contributions from Kuhn. This is still far from solid, though Rodgers did seem to have more confidence in the pocket from previous games. The real heroes of the night are the Offensive Lineman who kept A-Rod upright for the entire game.

The Defense: Capers did bring more pressure than previous meetings with Favre but still employed a soft style when afraid of giving up the huge play. Favre more than displayed his ability to shrug off Blitzes but was finally knocked out of his rhythm from a hit by OLB Brad Jones, who managed to re-aggravate Favre's ankle injury. A.J. Hawk also had a great performance.

Three interceptions later, the defense was on the field for the final six minutes of the game, in what was a position all too familiar for Packer fans. The Vikings drove all the way down to the red zone and it was time to pray for all Packer Nation. All-and-all, we managed to contain several explosive weapons, but our defensive backfield is still vulnerable to solid quarterback play with no rush.

Special Teams: Minus a Percy Harvin run back to midfield, the special teams had a solid outing. Turnovers were more of a factor so the ST were not put into the spotlight. Masthay was solid on his punts and Crosby didn't have to worry about attempting a game-winning field goal.

All-and-all: This was a rough win, all of us knew it, but a much-embraced victory. It is all too clear that the Packer offense still has issues, but the offensive line and play from Brandon Jackson was refreshing. Props go out to Chad Clifton and Bryan Bulaga especially. PENALTIES were not a factor for once. It's so much better when our offense works out of 1st-and-10 then 1st-and-20.

Next week, we go on the road to face the Jets, and they're coming off a bye. It will be an even greater test to see if our offense can establish a much more solid rhythm and the line can continue impressive play. If so...then victory is certainly within our grasp. Bigby and Harris can also be considered for this game.

Enjoy this victory everyone and hope that the Pack can use this to turn around the season for the better. I'll even give some props to the officiating and Mike McCarthy for once. I never expected him to actually try that fake punt in the first half nor win several challenges.

Thanks for the b-day victory PACK!