I say Lightning, Usain Bolt!

Bryan WolfeContributor IAugust 22, 2008

The world has witnessed once again that man can run like the wind, but at what point will the wind have to start catching up? This past week Unsain Bolt of Jamaica ran a 100m sprint that was once believed to be impossible. His sprint however raises the question of how fast is he? I mean really?

If you watched this contest then you seen Bolt let off his sprint with about 15 meters left to start his celebration. Some say it's cocky and disrespectful but lets be honest if you could run like this guy then you too would be doing the same. Personally i think we need to focus on the bigger issue here. The huge question of What if?! What if Bolt wouldn't have started celebrating before the finish? What if he had more then just one year of experience in the 100m?

It was once believe that a man's heart would literally explode if he ran a mile in under 4 minutes. Now if you run a sub 4-minute mile you're just normal. So where is the bar set for the 100m sprint?

When i was younger it was unheard of if a man ran under a 9.90 in the 100m. Now that wouldn't even get you into the finals, or at least even give you a chance in them. Usain's sprint raises the question of how fast can a man really be. If you sit back and think about if he hadn't started celebrating towards the end could he have gone under a 9.6? I mean yes the man is able to finish the race in 4 less strides then everyone else because of his height but that just makes it more amazing. He broke the WR and at the same time started brushing away the laws of physics.

I am a fan of USA track but Usain's sprint and USA's lack of competitiveness in these olypmics has changed my focus. The fact still remains that a man has ran a 100m in under 9.70 and it seems that when someone sets a WR then that would be it. That a man has ran as fast as humanly possible. There has to be a set point, because no man can run a 100m in no time at all. So there has to be a point where no man will ever run faster. But what is that time? Was that time 9.59sec.? Did we not see the set point where man can't run any faster because of Bolt's celebration? Or is there a kid out there that is running right now in a playground that may just break 9.50sec.?

The thoughts are unthinkable. To know that 12 years ago a great time was around 9.90. Now a great time is 9.69. What will a great time be 12 years from now? I guess we'll just have to wait and see but until that time just sit back and realize that you just witnessed athleticism at it's greatest and he wasn't even trying.