Ten Memorable Moments at The Beijing Olympics

Tim AndersonCorrespondent IAugust 22, 2008

Ten Memorable Moments at the Beijing Olympics


1.Most amazing moment (s)

Usain Bolt in less than 10 seconds stunned the world with the greatest 100m of all time. He then backed it up with the 200m record. Phenomenal.



2.Biggest Controversy

Not drugs this year! Instead, the Artistic Director's admission that the girl singing to the world wasn’t the prettier one being shown on television cameras at the Opening Ceremony. Neither were the fireworks actually happening. I guess he doesn't care what we believe for the Closing Ceremony.



3.Most expected

Michael Phelps went in trying to break Mark Spitz’s 36- year- old record for most gold’s in a single games. He made it look easy. Head, shoulders and the rest of his body ahead of everyone else at the Cube.


4.Biggest Tear Jerker

Super Heavy weight Weight-Lifter Mathias Steiner from Germany, who came from behind to snatch gold, jumping around the stage like a hippo caught in a washing machine, then standing tearfully on the medal stage with a picture of his wife, who died in a car accident last year.


5.Biggest Jerk

Heptathlete silver medallist Luidmyla Blonska from the Ukraine had already done a 2 year ban for Steroid abuse, then thought that it might be a good idea to try and get away with it again. Good Riddance.


6.Biggest Flops

The USA sprint team have had a mixed year at best. In the 400m Sanya Richards went out too fast- again- and lost in the home straight. Ditto Jeremy Wariner- although he did lose to another American at least! Tyson Gay went from being potential 100m winner to not quite making the final and hurdler Lolo Jones smacked the penultimate hurdle to move from gold to seventh within 10m. Then Gay backed up to drop the baton in the relay, same as their female counterparts. Not a great day at the office all round.


7.Biggest Success

The Chinese are going to top the gold medal table for the first time in history. A fantastic achievement. Must be all that turtle blood. The British cycling team won buckets of medals as well. No one goes around in circles better than them.


8.Worst Karma

Jacques Rogge complained that Usain Bolt, after breaking the unbreakable Michael Johnson record for the 200m, somehow forgot to shake hands with the other competitors. Reality check here...Not only were they so far behind he could have downed a bucket of fried chicken and come back to see them finish, Rogge seems to have forgotten that it was he who sanctioned the games to a regime that are such good sports, they made Taiwan compete as Chinese Taipei. Oh, and then there are those pesky Tibetan monks.


9.Most Political

A bit of chill in the air again after the recent Georgian conflict when USA and Russia in the Men’s Volleyball semi final which went all the way, the USA coming through in the tight fifth set.


10.Biggest non-event

Anyone see any Handball?