UFC 121 Pay-Per-View Play-by-Play: Tito Ortiz (16-7-1) vs. Matt Hamill (10-2)

Mike SContributor IOctober 23, 2010

LOUISVILLE, KY - MAY 05:  UFC fighterTito Ortiz attends the Stuff Magazine & Jack Daniels Kentucky Derby party held at Jillians on May 5, 2006 in Louisville, Kentucky.  (Photo by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images)
Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images

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First Round

This light-heavyweight affair is officiated by John McCarthy.  Ortiz comes out and lands a kick and a knee.  Hamill fires back with a left hand.  Ortiz is cut on the side of the head but continues on.  He hits with a kick to the body but Hamill takes him down.  After a quick scramble, they decide to take it to their feet where they both connect with jabs. Ortiz hits with a body kick and then a low leg kick.  Ortiz hits with an inside leg kick followed by a blocked head kick. 

Ortiz, now bleeding from the head and eye, lands another inside leg kick.  He hits with another jab answered by a Hamill left.  Hamill hits with a kick to the head of Ortiz and then blocks several strikes from Ortiz.  Hamill hits with a left hand but Ortiz answers with an inside leg kick.  Ortiz hammers away and lands a hard left to the face of Hamill.  Hamill hits with an overhand right but Ortiz answers with one of his own.  Ortiz, 10-9


Second Round

Ortiz is patched up and comes out for the second looking refreshed, as is Hamill.  McCarthy gets them going for the second and Hamill pushes a jab in Ortiz's face.  Hamill lands a left hand followed by a right hand.  Ortiz hits with a body shot but it is answered with an inside leg kick by Hamill.  Ortiz hits with a left hand but gets hit with an inside leg kick.  After stuffing a takedown, Ortiz clinches and hits with a knee up the middle.  Hamill has a left hand blocked and then grazes Hamill with a leg kick. 

Ortiz hits with a left hand but gets hit with another right hand.  Ortiz hits with another knee up the middle and then hits with an inside leg kick that has Hamill backpedaling.  Hamill gets a takedown and is in his guard working his ground and pound.  Ortiz is going for a high guard but also continues to throw strikes from his back. 

Hamill is working elbows and punches from the top.  Hamill lands an elbow and a hard right hand.  Ortiz clinches the head of Hamill and scrambles out but Hamill takes control and is now in side control.  Hamill is working to put Ortiz in a crucifix position but Ortiz is defending for now.  Ortiz scrambles and gets back to half guard as the second round ends.  Hamill, 10-9


Third Round

The third round is on and looks to be tied at one round a piece.  Ortiz moves back and is hit with a left jab by Hamill.  Hamill hits with a hard left hand.  Hamill misses with an uppercut and Ortiz answers with a right hand to the head of Hamill.  Ortiz pressures Hamill but is tagged with an uppercut.  Hamill has his next uppercut blocked by Ortiz, who pushes forward.  Hamill connects with a left hand and then connects with a pair of jabs. 

Ortiz lunges forward and misses with a left hand.  He then hits with a leg kick and then has his takedown attempt stuffed.  Hamill misses with his uppercuts and Ortiz hits with an uppercut.  Hamill gets a takedown with a minute remaining.  Hamill smothers Ortiz and works his elbows.  Ortiz survives and eats several elbows from his back.  He holds on to Hamill and tries to tie him up.  Hamill continues to ground and pound on Ortiz.  Ortiz scrambles and almost gets to his feet as the bell ends the third round.  Hamill, 10-9

OFFICIAL DECISION: Hamill over Ortiz via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)