NCAA Football Week 9: Big 12 Conference Power Rankings Logic By the Lake

Lake CruiseAnalyst IOctober 25, 2010

NCAA Football Week 9: Big 12 Conference Power Rankings Logic By the Lake

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    Each week I bring you a sort of fireside chat from one of the many Great Lake regions of the Big 12 Conference. 

    From the gentle rolling hills of south central Oklahoma to the Land O' Lakes in Nebraska back down to the palm trees of Texas.

    The Ozarks, Lake Waco, Clinton Lake, Eufala, Travis, Thunderbird, and even Skunk River to name a few.

    This week I'm in Boulder County, Colorado - home to 197 lakes and reservoirs that rank very high on kayakers' lists. 

    This week’s rankings went topsy-turvy after the Homecoming events in Columbia, Missouri on ABC Saturday night.

    While OU lost the No. 1 BCS ranking, the Big 12 is still a big player in the national championship picture.

    Join me as I take a look at which teams hold the power cards for week nine.

12. Kansas Jayhawks: Will Bleeding Kansas Continue In Lawrence?

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    Head coach Turner Gill is looking for his first Big 12 victory.  If it comes, then this week may be a good opportunity.

    If his team catches an overconfident ISU, then the Jayhawks could pull off an upset.

    The bleeding in Kansas will not subside in the state of Iowa though.

    Note to residents of Clinton Lake near Lawrence, at (2-5, 0-3) hide the women and children from the Cyclones.

    Prediction: Iowa State rolls on the Skunk River: 28-17

11. Colorado Buffaloes: Is There Really Seldom Heard a Discouraging Word?

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    With a record of (3-4, 0-3), the Buffaloes have been looking for a home where they can roam to a Big 12 victory.

    They've played a tough schedule so far and hung in with Texas Tech last week in Boulder.

    This ain't the week to be looking for victories away from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and the Boulder County lakes.

    Prediction: Colorado will not upset OU in Norman: Oklahoma 48-0.

10. Texas Tech: Red Raiders Regulating Rough Waters?

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    This will be an all-Texas matchup in the southeastern part of the state.

    The two doormats of the Big 12 South collide with last place in the division on the line.

    Texas Tech (4-3, 2-3) comes in off a victory over Colorado and Texas A&M defeated Kansas last week.

    Red Raiders and Aggies all over were proud.

    Question is whether A&M will climb out of the cellar dweller slot and make the Bush family proud.

    Tech has to get their defensive techniques down better against A&M's offense.

    Prediction: Lubbock will technically party after the Reds successfully invade College Station: 29-26.

9. Texas A&M: Aggies Bring Harvest Home?

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    Jerrod Johnson returned to his stellar self against KU last week. 

    This week the inconsistent Aggies (4-3, 1-2) will need to steady the ship again.

    Can they do it two weeks in a row?

    Row, row, row your boats on the lakes near Lubbock.

    Prediction: College Station will be seeing red against the Raiders. Aggies lose 29-26.

8. Kansas State Wildcats: Will Their Offense Run Wild In Little Apple?

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    In 2007, both CNN and Money magazine rated Manhattan as one of the ten best places in America to retire young.

    Manhattan, Kansas.

    Don't think they meant retiring before leaving the college numbers though. 

    Kansas State (5-2, 2-2) can put up big scoring numbers in football.

    They tallied over 40 in the loss to Baylor last week.

    Oklahoma State comes to Free-state Kansas with fire in their eyes after losing to Nebraska.

    Prediction: Wildcats walk away in another wild one: 42-41.

7. Oklahoma State Cowboys: Can Cowboys Continue Climbing BCS?

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    Got themselves in a shootout last week near the friendly confines of Carl Blackwell Lake.

    Yet they could not defeat Nebraska at home.  The loss knocked them from unbeaten status. 

    Such is life in the Big 12 where only one unbeaten remains.

    OSU Sophomore Justin Blackman is drawing national attention as a wide receiver.

    At (6-1, 2-1) the Cowboys still have a shot at the Big 12 North, but they must win in Manhattan.

    Lake McMurtry in Stillwater will be active, can the Cowboys rustle up some activity and a win?

    Prediction: The Cowboys will lose to Kansas State in Manhattan: 42-41.

6. Texas Longhorns: Can Hook ‘Em Horns Get Mack Brown Off Hook?

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    Coming off the big and impressive win against Nebraska for The Mack, they drop in the rankings after falling to (4-3, 2-2).

    They lost 28-21 to Iowa State who got rung up 52-0 by Oklahoma the week before. 

    Garrett Gilbert was off target for most of the ISU game and the UT passing game will need to improve quickly.

    Beautiful Travis Lake is close by, the Longhorns need respite with Baylor coming to town.

    Prediction: The Longhorns bounce back in Austin: 24-21.

5. Iowa State Cyclones: When Will Real Cyclones Strike Midwest?

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    The city of Ames sits on the Skunk River, but it was in Austin where the Longhorns stunk it up enough for ISU to win.

    They move up in the rankings after pounding Texas early and holding on late. 

    Austin Arnaud tossed touchdown pass number 10 for the season.

    This week the Cyclones (4-4, 2-2) welcome spiraling winds from Lawrence.

    Jayhawks know how to survive tornadoes, but what about cyclones?

    Weather and traffic on one slate by the Lake.

    Prediction: Iowa State will defeat Kansas in Ames: 28-17.

4. Nebraska Cornhuskers: Can They Dethrone The Mighty Tigers?

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    The Cornhuksers (6-1, 2-1) beat Oklahoma State in a shootout to knock the Cowboys out of the ranks of the unbeaten.

    Now Nebraska hosts unbeaten Mizzou - the top-ranked BCS team in the Big 12. 

    The last time a Big 12 power team came to Lincoln it resulted in an upset win for Texas.

    Prediction: The Tigers defense holds the Huskers rushing game down, and the passing game in check, 37-24 Mizzou. 

3. Baylor Bears: Beautiful Campus, Bruising BCS Football Now?

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    Lake Waco has a lot of parks and all of the usual fun including jet skiing and swimming. 

    The Bears (6-2, 3-1) are skiing and swimming up the Big 12 charts, and into the conference champ picture.

    How long before sophomore Robert Griffin III is mentioned for the Heisman?

    Prediction: Baylor will lose to Texas in Austin: 24-21.

2. Oklahoma Sooners: Will Boomers Bounce Back In BCS?

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    Every Boomer Sooner from Boomer Lake to Lake Thunderbird watched last week’s matchup with Mizzou. 

    This week the Sooners (6-1, 2-1) have to rebound from being knocked out of BCS No. 1.

    Colorado will be the target of OU's letting off a little bit of steam.

    Prediction: Oklahoma remains BCS relevant by winning big over Colorado:  48-0.

1. Missouri Tigers: Moe Salt on Their Tails?

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    Mizzou (7-0, 3-0) squared off against Oklahoma in a battle of neighboring states.

    In the echoes of Fingers Lake that reverberated from Katy Lake Estates to the Lake of the Ozarks.

    The Tigers gained their biggest win in years.

    This could be a dangerous game.

    They still have Nebraska, Kansas State, Texas Tech, and Iowa State left.

    Mizzou is sixth in the BCS Standings.

    This is shaping up to be a very magical season for Missouri.  Will the Tigers have a let down, or come out determined to finish undefeated?

    Prediction: Salty Tigers will hold steady in the BCS Standings: 37-24.