Backstage Heat On SD Star, Who Is Swagger's Soaring Eagle?, Jericho V Nash, More

Tom HarveyContributor IIOctober 23, 2010

Swagger with his Eagle, but who is it?
Swagger with his Eagle, but who is it?

Let's get straight to the news:


- There has recently been numerous reports of MVP leaving the dub because he is unhappy about his current position in the company. Well, it is now being reported that there is backstage heat on him as he has been complaining about younger talent taking the push he believes he deserves. Matt Hardy is clearly influencing some of the veterans.

- Speaking of vets hating the youth movement, Chris Jericho has recently talked about Kevin Nash's comments on the WWE's youth movement. For those that missed Nash's comments, he basically said that it will take the new stars 6-7 years to start bringing in the money. In response, Jericho wrote this on his Twitter; "Nash's interview was so short-sighted and indicative of the entire 'WCW' attitude. The WWE's Youth movement is a mistake? Ask Rock, Goldberg and John Cena if it took them six or seven years before they drew money. Six or seven months maybe...People want to see something new"

- TNA have announced the main event for their PPV, Turning Point. Mr. Anderson will face Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Title. Seems a bit weird that almost all of the World Title contenders are ex-WWE stars when they have people like Styles and Samoa Joe.

- The poster for WWE's Survivor Series is up on WWE You can see the poster here:

-  Goldust confirmed on twitter that his (kayfabe) wedding to Aksana will be on NXT in two weeks' time. He also confirmed that he will be in attendance tomorrow at WWE's PPV Bragging Rights.

- There have been recent reports of a new, silver WWE title. The belt will be available to buy sometime next year, but it has yet to be confirmed whether or not the title will be used on TV. The title could be used as the unified Heavyweight Championships at WrestleMania27.

- WWE's planned cable network is still in the works according to an article on the company's website. WWE have revealed that they will be adding another 140 employees next year to work on the network. They're also reporting that they are planning to shop the channel around the national cable networks next year.

- The Undertaker has been pulled from several shows in the WWE's November Tour of Europe. He was set to battle Kane and The Big Show for the WHC in a Triple Threat but it has now been changed to just Kane vs Big Show. It has also been reported that he will be taking time off after Bragging Rights to have shoulder surgery.

- The Undertaker has also been taken off the Fan Appreciation show in Hartford, Conn., along with John Cena and Edge. The card was meant to have a Fatal Four Way for the WHC between Taker, Kane, Edge and Big Show, but that has also been changed to Kane vs Big Show. Cena was meant to have a match with Sheamus, but he is now just in the 'Also Appearing' section.

- Last but not least, the identity of Swagger's Soaring Eagle has been revealed. As this may be to do with a storyline, you may not want to find out. If not, then stop reading, this is the last piece of news. And the mascot is none other than Chavo Guerrero! If you thought this guy was misused before!

That's all for now, until next week (maybe), goodbye!