WWE SMACKDOWN 10/22/10 Review: Undertaker Drags Kane to The Abyss

Jay BrennanCorrespondent IOctober 23, 2010

Opening Segment:

The show got started with both teams in the ring with Teddy Long. He told the WWE Universe that he decided that he would allow the Superstars to make the matches tonight.

The Miz picked Ezekial Jackson and Sheamus for a six-man tag team match. The Big Show decided to counter RAW’s power with speed and picked Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston.

Edge said that he wanted a match with CM Punk.

John Morrison called out Alberto Del Rio.

Jack Swagger said that he would take on the guy with the worst finisher in the history of the WWE, Santino.

It appears that Reilly is filling in for R-Truth while in Canada since he can’t legally work there.

The segment was interesting, and I was glad that they got to the point when choosing the matches.

Segment Rating: 7/10


The Miz, Jackson, and Sheamus vs. Big Show, Mysterio, and Kingston Match:

Big Show delivered a choke slam onto The Miz followed by a Mysterio splash for the win.

The match was fairly quick for a six-man tag team match, but it was entertaining throughout.

Ezekial Jackson’s inclusion on the RAW team makes them more formidable.

Match Rating: 7/10


Dolph Ziggler Segment:

Ziggler and Vicki Guerrero were backstage and interviewed by Josh Matthews.

They showed a RAW highlight of Daniel Bryan putting Ziggler in his submission finisher.

Ziggler compared Bryan to a high school football team and said that he was a Super Bowl team.

Ziggler’s promo wasn’t the best ever, but he got his point across.

They haven’t announced if this match would be a unification match of the Intercontinental championship and United States championship.

I have heard that there are talks about unifying all the championships, thus possibly ending the brand exclusive superstars.

I thought it was a good idea to unify the tag team and women’s championship due to lack of contenders. I believe that the United States and Intercontinental championships are valuable as separate secondary titles. The history behind both championships has given credibility to mid-carders on their way up.

Segment Rating: 6/10


Jack Swagger vs. Santino Match:

Swagger defeated Santino with an ankle lock.

I have no clue why Hornswoggle stopped the Soaring Eagle from attacking Santino. The commentators finally pointed out that Hornswoggle, the Smackdown mascot, is protecting a RAW superstar.

The tad pole splash from Hornswoggle onto the Soaring Eagle was quite funny.

Match Rating: 7/10


Alberto Del Rio vs. John Morrison Match:

Del Rio won with a cross arm breaker on Morrison after a blocked Star Ship Pain.

These two put on a very good match with several near falls.

I am surprised that Del Rio got the victory on Morrison. It seemed as if Morrison was on his way to a world championship a little over a year ago. At last year’s, Wrestlemania he was regulated to a tag team match with R-Truth. He got a victory over Jericho shortly before his exit, and had a great showing against Sheamus. I really thought Morrison would be a world champion before The Miz, it doesn’t look like the case these days.

The Miz is awesome. Morrison is stagnant.

Match Rating: 9/10


Edge vs. CM Punk Match:

We were treated to a pay-per-view quality match with this one. Without any back story, it would be hard to predict who would win this match. Being a fan of both men, I was excited to see how this played out.

I am glad Punk lost that stringy hair that made him look trashy. His new look is much better suited for his gimmick.

Punk and Edge treated us to an excellent match. I was a bit upset that the match ended with interference by Team RAW.

The end of the match saw all the members of both teams trading off offensive moves. It was like a finisher train that concluded with the Rated PG Super Star, Mysterio’s 619.

With all the clean wins prior to this match, the interference was bound to happen.

Match Rating: 9/10


Lay-Cool vs. Natalya and Kelly Kelly Match:

Natalya defeated Layla with a sharpshooter.

Lay-Cool was in the ring dressed up as Nattie Neidhart, and Bret Hart cut a short promo.

Michael Cole was even more annoying than usual during the commentary of this match. His insults toward the women’s division doesn’t serve anyone well. His NXT comment was insulting to four talented female wrestlers.

I find it mind boggling that Vince thinks that SMACKDOWN needs Michael Cole on the show. Todd and Stryker is a much better announce team than Lawler and Cole. Didn’t they win a Slammy last year?

Match Rating: 7/10


WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. World Heavyweight Champion Kane Match:

Orton and Kane attempted to end the match early by attempting to set up for their finishers.

Kane was distracted when Taker’s music hit and the lights went out. This gave Randy Orton the chance to hit the RKO on Kane for the victory.

After the match, Taker’s music hit again. Then the Undertaker came up through the ring and dragged Kane back into the hole.

During the closing segment, they added what sounded like pre-recorded screams from Kane to play as it echoed as if he was falling into the abyss.

The match helped further Orton as a monster face and added another layer to the Taker/Kane feud.

Match Rating: 10/10


Final Thoughts:

Ezekial Jackson was added to the team, but it doesn’t appear that they are scripting him to be as dominant as he was when he left. He lost as a part of the six-man tag and took a choke slam from the Big Show.

Since Team Blue dominated RAW on Monday and on this show, it is obvious that Team Red will walk away with the trophy this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if Del Rio or Tyler Rex turned on Smackdown at Bragging Rights.

Final Rating: 8/10



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