Mario Balotelli To Show Rooney How To Make Headlines for the Right Reasons

True BlueCorrespondent IOctober 23, 2010

First among equals.
First among equals.Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Tomorrow may well be the moment when any doubters of Manchester City's title credentials change their opinions.

Over the last few seasons, City have found scoring against, and beating Arsenal far easier than at any other time in the last 25 years, so it's not likely to be seen as a breakthrough moment if they beat them at home tomorrow.

Last season, City won 4-2, and since then they have improved the squad significantly.

And the reason for the change in how City are to be viewed may well rest with one player, the missing "something" many have alluded to recently.

Of course Tevez is in magnificent form and sits atop the scoring charts already, and City's defence is proving to be quite hard to beat.

The mid-field power and depth that Mancini has at his disposal is second to none, so they certainly can boss that area of the field, even with the wonderful Fabregas lining up for the Gunners.

And we saw some of what Silva can do against both Blackpool and Lech Poznan.

But it is the hopeful introduction of Balotelli that may tip City towards the title with power, speed and massive amounts of talent. He could turn out to be far better than Rooney, perhaps on a par with Messi in world football in the coming seasons.

He is back with the manager who understands him best and has, because of injury, been able to get to know his new teammates ahead of the pressures of performing.

Reports from Carrington (City's training base) are very positive and point to him already enjoying his time at City. A player plays far better when he is happy, of course.

He is also impressed by the talent that he will be playing with and has said that it is better than the Inter squad that he was used to.

So if he finds his form quickly and hits the ground running against Arsenal, City may well be the team to back for the title this season.