WWE: Luke's Detailed Bragging Rights 2010 Predictions

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WWE: Luke's Detailed Bragging Rights 2010 Predictions
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We are three weeks removed from the annual Hell In a Cell PPV and now we have the Bragging Rights PPV.

The Hell In a Cell PPV was rather disappointing in my view, quite simply because there is no 'hell' inside the cell anymore thanks to WWE's mollycoddling attitude. We had a pointless Paul Bearer heel turn and two substandard HIAC matches. Indeed, the only good things about the PPV really were the US title match, Edge vs. Swagger and Cena joining Nexus. Hence I gave it a 6/10 overall.

Now it's time for "Bragging Rights" once again, and WWE have put up a reasonable card for the event, though nothing really special.

The thing that amazed me was WWE making a Buried Alive match for the PPV. Let me get this straight, this is a PG company where chair shots to the head are history, blood is banned, swearing outlawed and, most importantly, being family-friendly is the most prominent part of the programming.

So can you see why I am really shocked at the sheer hypocrisy in making a Buried Alive match? That is about as anti-PG as it ever gets. Portraying a scene on television where one man is publicly buried alive is controversial in itself.

That being said, I am delighted it is happening. I have always enjoyed more adult-rated wrestling. It just annoys me how WWE continually contradict their own 'values, especially to this extreme.

Anyway, on to the predictions.     

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