ECW: Hardcore Wrestling was Doomed from the Start.

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IAugust 21, 2008

For those of you reading I will not be bashing the new ECW in this article. It seems to be everybody’s favorite game to bash the new ECW, whatever I like it for what it is. Have fun bitching about it for another 2 years until WWE cancels it and you have nothing to watch on Tuesdays. 

No, this article is about The Original ECW and why it could not have survived even if "Paul E." had found another T.V. deal.

It is simple and you probably already know why Hardcore Wrestling (ECW's exclusive style) would have never worked in the wrestling world today. ECW was too savage for T.V. Even WWE is toning down there style a little bit now, and they aren't even close to being as brutal as ECW was back in the day.

Hardcore wrestling is considered to violent for children. Knowing this, Paul geared ECW towards adults. That is just fine when only adults are sitting in the arena, but when the T.V. deal came around that hardcore style had to be toned WAY down. Thus you lose your original fan base. TNN didn't want kids seeing Sabu go through tables and have blood running down his body, and the parents didn't want their kids watching it (didn't stop me). 

ECW is dead. You have to get over it. You can love it all you want, but it is never coming back. Look at WWE there toning down the sulty storyline and no longer using blood and probably no more bikini contests or sex jokes either. If WWE is toning down their already toned down programs what made you think the ECW that WWE brought back was going to be like the original? Come on tell me. I'll wait.

If you are going to be on Television you have to play by their rules and by "their rules" I mean the networks. I know you miss ECW hell I miss it too, but I hear all these complaints about how today’s ECW sucks, well what do you want them to do? Go back to the way things were? Injury even more superstars who are already beat up due to the insane schedules by WWE? Is that what you want? I'm truly sorry but that is a pipe dream my friends.

ECW and Paul Heyman didn't and couldn't play by the rules of television so it was doomed and in a lot of way it was doomed from the very begging. If Paul wanted to make ECW something successful he had to change it for T.V. If ECW was different then it wouldn’t be fair to call it ECW. Which he never would have done anyways, and the "real" ECW fans wouldn't have wanted to see it like that. So instead he went down with his sinking ship, in a blaze of glory chanting "ECW" with his fans.

So I wrote this article to silence all of these WWE ECW haters who are always complaining about WWE's ECW. Your right it isn't as good as the real thing, but you can't expect it to be. If you are putting on a show you have to consider that there are rules and you have to obey them.

You don't have to watch ECW. Millions of people don't. I don't even watch it, but I don't sit on the internet complainingabout it all day long. I'll take the high road thank you and try and look for the good in it. All this new up and coming talent has air time and aren’t fed to guy like John Cena and Batista every week. That is a huge up side. So quit complaining. Go write you "WWE's version of ECW sucks" articles if you want. I'll be here. Enjoying the new ECW for what it is. WWE.