WWE Bragging Rights: 10 Reasons Natalya Will Top LayCool!

John KindelanAnalyst IIIOctober 22, 2010

WWE Bragging Rights: 10 Reasons Natalya Will Top LayCool!

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    While the WWE Divas matches are not usually the highlights of the night, this coming Diva’s championship match at Bragging Rights stands out amongst the others.

    We have team Lay-Cool, an entertaining duo playing great heels and looking outstanding when doing so.

    They're going up against Natalya, a third-generation wrestler with incredible skills and a great resume of wrestling who also looks fantastic while doing so.

    Here are 10 reasons as to why I think the Natalya is walking out the new Diva’s champion.

1. The Numbers

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    It can be said that the match is basically a handicap match this Monday, and plenty of other clues leading up to Bragging Rights might change that tune.

    We don’t know for certain who will be defending the title in the ring with Team Lay-Cool. But we do know either way, one of them will be at ringside, and this has continued to play a factor.

    However, this past Monday, we saw the rest of the Diva’s division come out to also challenge Lay-Cool and assist Natalya in her attack on the flawless pair.

    We also need to take into account that this is Bragging Rights essentially a Raw vs. Smackdown event, and there are eight active Divas on the Raw roster and only 3 on the Smackdown roster. It makes more sense to have the Diva’s belt on Raw.

    Advantage Natalya

2. The Politics

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    All over the Web, fans complain about McCool and the fact that she is merely winning due to the fact that she’s married to the Undertaker.

    But will that be canceled out by the romance that has been going on for five years between Natalya and Tyson Kidd? Will Kidd’s pull help Natalya…

    OK, everyone stop laughing.

    While we may think the Taker relationship might have something to do with McCool’s success, I also don’t believe Taker to be a politic player. Meaning he’ll do what’s good for the show and the product before he would do good for what is good for him.

    So for this one I’m saying Advantage neither. I think McCool has been winning because she’s entertaining, and easy to look at.

    She makes for good TV, and if you're running the show, that’s who you put in front of the camera.

3. If It's 1-on-1 vs. McCool

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    can this view be better?
    can this view be better?

    Sure, she's married to the Phenom, but....

    Let's not discount McCool. She was a 2004 Diva search contestant, but she was also the first Diva’s champion.

    She’s held the Woman’s Championship and the Diva’s championship twice, and has a devastating finisher, the Faith Breaker.

    But if we are going skill vs. skill, she doesn’t stand a chance against the only female trained in the Hart family dungeon.

    Natalya came up to the WWE via other wrestling promotions.

    She’s a third-generation superstar.

    And she’s a powerhouse who should be able to toss McCool around like it was nothing.

    Advantage Natalya.

4. If It's 1on-1 vs. Layla

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    pin me, pin me!
    pin me, pin me!

    Layla has some moves.

    She was a professional dancer, was part of the Miami Heat Cheer team, a 2006 Diva search winner and a member of Extreme Expose in ECW. Wrestling moves, however, she has about four, and that includes her finisher The Layout.

    She is listed as the last official Woman’s Champion. She won it in a Texas Tornado match against McCool and champion Beth Phoenix in Beth’s fantastic home town Buffalo NY!

    She held the title for 131 days with the help of McCool, who previously held the title for a combined 278 days.

    She may be quick on her feet and excellent on the dance floor, but again she just doesn’t compare to Natalya and her skill set. Now we all know that an inexperienced wrestler on any given Sunday (if there’s a ppv) can pull out a win, but I still have to say one-on-one, it goes to Natalya.

5. The Sharpshooter

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    The finisher made famous by her father’s long-time tag team partner Bret Hart has become the staple in Natalya’s arsenal.

    She can slap that thing on as good ol’ Jr. used to say, “quicker than a hiccup”. With the long legs of McCool, she’s just ripe for her to slap it on, flip her over and bend her in half. (I’m not apologizing for that sounding dirty)

    This move has been a key feature in all of their encounters as of late, and I expect it to play a deciding factor in the match this Sunday.

6. Teddy Long to The Rescue

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    We may see Team Lay-Cool up to their usual tactics of interference with an attack or assist by dragging their partner from the ring and escaping the sharpshooter.

    There’s a 90-percent chance this will happen.

    BUT…. Here’s where I see Teddy Long stepping in as he has done in the past. Teddy could very well declare the match a no DQ or no Countout or Falls Count anywhere.

    Does this favor the challenger like it normally would, or does it just allow team Lay-Cool to assist each other and pick up the win?

    I see more than just these three Diva’s being a part of this match, so I’m ruling this one in favor of Natalya.

7. Truly a New Champion

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    If Natalya would win at Bragging Rights, not only would it bring the title to the show that has more Diva’s, but we have to take into account that Team Lay-Cool doesn’t actually need the title to be hated as heels.

    This would be a first-time championship for Natalya and it's been long overdue.

    With recent developments with her father getting arrested, the mockery of Lay-Cool in regards to him, she’s shown that she’s a company player and will take some ribbing for the show.

8. Rise Of The Phoenix

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    The Glamazon is set to return soon from her knee injury.

    When she does, she will most likely want to tear apart Lay-Cool for the actions they took against her. Some may take this as a prelude to them winning at Bragging Rights to hang on to the title until her return.

    I, however, feel that Natalya winning at Bragging Rights would actually help with the story of bringing Beth back in the ring.

    Natalya wins, and we see on maybe even the proceeding Raw Lay-Cool attacking in revenge from their loss. Beth comes to the ring and stops the attack, a tag team match is set up and Beth and Natalya take on Lay-Cool.

    This tag situation and helping out can last all the way through Survivor Series, allowing Beth to work off some of that ring rust and get her back in the swing of things.

9. NXT Season 3?

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    I know Jaime is out and Kaitlyn is still in, calm down
    I know Jaime is out and Kaitlyn is still in, calm down

    We have at least five new Divas waiting in the wings will they play a role in the championship?

    How soon will we see someone from the NXT season three group hit the ring? Will it be one of the rookies, possibly one led by the power-hungry Vickie Guerrero?

    I wouldn’t be surprised, so that we can somehow salvage something from this latest attempt at NXT.

10. Other Assets

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    The complaints as stated have been made that McCool is a champion because of her husband the Undertaker, or Layla was champion based on her looks.

    However, it’s clear the WWE has invested some time and money into Natalya and her look as well. She almost looks like a completely different woman than from when she first arrived.

    So what will happen this Sunday? Will Natalya get her first taste of Gold?

    Will Laycool come out on top and continue to be flawless?

    Check out Rene Gerber's Article where she gives 8 Reasons Laycool comes out on top.

    Or will it be just another Diva's match, where we watch and young boys all over the WWE Universe finally realize why girls aren't yucky.

    Hope you enjoyed, see you after the PPV

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