The Packers Offense: An Analysis By a Concerned Individual (or Obsessed Fan)

Brendan CollinsContributor IFebruary 16, 2017

The Packers offense, I've noticed, is being written off for 'dead' by many people now that Brett Favre won't be a part of it.  I must conclude that these statements are being made by people who did not watched the Packers team last season.  

The Packers offense was not carried by one man only; Favre was a big part of it, and anyone who would deny it is a fool, but he wasn't all of it.  

The Packers have arguably the best receiving core in the NFL, consisting of Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, James Jones, and Ruvell Martin (we also drafted Jordy Nelson in April, and so far he looks good).  

The Packers' receivers made more yards after the catch (YAC) than any other receivers. More than half of Brett Favre's passing yards last year came from YAC.

Let us not forget also, the Packers have a great running back in Ryan Grant.  Ryan Grant only began starting halfway through the last season, after the Packers acquired him through a trade with the Giants.  Ryan ran for more yards during the second half of the season than any other running back.  In his eight games Grant ran for 956 yards, which would have been a respectable number for an entire season.

With an explosive running game in Grant, and such a talented receiving core, the Packers are a team that can put a lot of points on the board.  

The talented receivers have another benefit, however, that could enable the Packers to succeed in the upcoming season: with such good receivers, the Packers do not NEED a great quarterback.  

Having one who's like a God among mere mortals is good, and I'm glad I was alive to see such a high caliber player on the Packers team, but he wasn't necessary this past season.  With our current receivers, we only need a quarterback who's good, someone who can throw the ball well enough so that the receivers can catch it, after that, the Packers' receivers are good enough to make the required plays for some points. 

The Packers need a quarterback who is good, or even better.  From what I've seen of Aaron Rodgers, he looks to be just that.  I think he has the potential to become better than just good, but as this is going to be his first season starting I would be surprised if we saw better than just good; and, if Rodgers doesn't work out for some reason or another, Matt Flynn Doesn't look too bad either.

All in all, I think that the Green Bay Packers are still a force to be reckoned with, even without the invincible No. 4 on our team.