WWE Summerslam '08: Hell In A Cell

Troy MahabirContributor IAugust 21, 2008

SummerSlam '08 was not the greatest WWE pay-per-view. In fact, I'd like to say the whole pay-per-view, was total crap.

However, The Hell in a Cell match saved that pay-per-view from utter disaster. Let's be reasonable here. No one on this green earth enjoyed the Khali vs. Triple H match. Khali, who has a limited amount of moves, tried his hardest. If it weren't for Triple H, the match would have made many of the audience go home. That match was horrible, but even worse was the way Khali sold the pedigree. My grandmother could have sold that move better.

The next title match, between C.M Punk and JBL could have also been better. The match overall was average. As they say in the business, "Some People Got It". This wasn't the case between these two. I would have loved to see more high pace action. Punk could have delivered that a bit better. I also was shocked at the fact that JBL didn't rough Punk up a bit more. The whole match to me was more of a drag along. However, it wasn't the worse match on the card.

The award for worst match in SummerSlam 08' goes to Matt Hardy vs. Marl Henry. The Match lasted about 30 seconds. The worse part about the match was that it could have been so much better then presented. The match had the potential to become a great match-up. Hardy, with his sturdy wrestling and Henry, with his overwhelming strength. But the whole match itself was pretty pitiful. I don't like using the word, but in this case it must be done.

Now we come to the "Greatest Match" of the night. John Cena vs. Batista. The lack of moves from both of these men is mind boggling. Batista could have tried so much better to sell the knee injury. It was a high profile match, and the lack of moves between the two men, you couldn't really ask for a better match. It did answer the question of who was better, however, I am sure that many people expected John Cena to win the match. I was definitely one of them. The ending of the match had to be the best part. Since both of these men have so much charisma, the post match was better then the match.

Now to the match that made SummerSlam '08 watchable and enjoyable. Hell In A Cell. Undertaker vs. Edge. One word to sum it all up; WOW! You couldn't ask for a better match out of these two men. Undertaker, with the naturally demonic entrance, made the match have an old school like feel. Edge, who was in some kind of hardcore trance, made the match have a sense of urgency as well.

The match started out with a bang, and ended with a bang. The biggest pop of the night was when Edge speared Undertaker into the cell, making it fall down to the ground. However, personally my favorite part of the match was when Edge full out speared Undertaker through the ECW table. It was very unique and unexpected. Although Undertaker's use of Edge's spear and some of his moves, to me, took him off his character.

However, the match was the best part of SummerSlam '08, and I’m glad WWE chose to end it with that match. Edge going through the ring as the fire came up after the match, truly symbolized Edge going straight to hell, a remarkable ending, to very incredible match. SummerSlam '08 started off slow...very slow. Now add, Hell In A Cell, and Summerslam '08 ended with a huge successful bang!