WWE Bragging Rights Preview: 10 Reasons Randy Orton Will Beat Wade Barrett

Gina GeatchesCorrespondent IIIOctober 22, 2010

WWE Bragging Rights Preview: 10 Reasons Randy Orton Will Beat Wade Barrett

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    This Sunday WWE Champion Randy Orton will defend his belt against season one NXT winner Wade Barrett with John Cena in his corner.

    Orton won the WWE Champion at the Night of Champions PPV in September in the six-pack challenge elimination match, in which he defeated John Cena, Chris Jericho, Wade Barrett, Edge and former WWE champion Sheamus.

    Wade Barrett earned his WWE Championship match after he won a battle royal on RAW to determine the No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship. Wade Barrett and John Cena were the last two men standing in the ring when Barrett demanded that Cena eliminate himself so that Barrett could win the match and challenge Orton for the belt at Bragging Rights.

    As the new member of nexus, Cena had no choice but to take the orders of the Nexus leader.

    Cena was forced to join the Nexus after he lost his match against Wade Barrett at the Hell in a Cell PPV. Due to the stipulation of the match, in which the nexus would have to break up if Cena won, but if Cena lost he would have to join Nexus, Cena then had to join Nexus.

    Cena’s original plan was to destroy the group from the inside but after the general manger of RAW gave Cena the orders to follow the Nexus group otherwise he would be fired Cena soon fell in line with the rest of the group.

    This marks the first time since being on the main rooster than Randy Orton has been the face in the match with Cena in the heel corner.

    The match sets up a lot of storyline possibilities for all three wrestlers involved and if executed right could be perfect. 

    But what will happen is still unknown, so I am going to explore what could happen.

Randy Orton Is The New Poster Boy?

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    With the possibility of Cena turning heel on the horizon, WWE needs a new poster boy for the company, and Orton seems to be lined up for this place perfectly.

    The kids love him. The older fans love him. It’s a win-win recipe for WWE.

Wade Barrett Isn’t Ready Yet

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    Wade Barrett hasn’t even been in the company for a year yet, and still feels new.

    He needs to earn his way through the rankings and build a reputation before he is crowned the WWE champion and starts carrying the RAW brand.

Randy Orton Needs a Length Championship Run

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    Randy Orton is ridiculously over with the crowd at the moment and needs a length title reign to accompany it. He can easily carry the RAW brand with his wrestling ability and popularity. 

The Opening Door For Cena's Heel Turn

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    This could be the perfect opportunity for Cena’s heel turn.

    Cena’s previous disdain for Orton could boil over if Orton wins the match. This could leads Cena’s frustration to breaking point in which he attacks Orton and thus turning Cena heel. 

Randy Orton Is at His Best

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    Randy Orton is over with the fans. His wrestling ability is strong as ever. His passion is stronger than ever. He is simply at his best right now.

Nexus Feud Still Has Potential

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    The nexus feud still has a lot of potential.

    Wade Barrett and the rest of nexus could be so frustrated with his loss that they either go on a rampage or slowly fall apart in a way, which builds their reputation as performers and wrestlers.

Other Wrestlers Deserve a Shot at The Title

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    The RAW rooster is swimming with loads of talent and if Barrett isn’t ready for the belt and others are, then why give him the belt? 

This Could Set Up a Lengthy Feud Between The Three

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    Barrett’s loss could lead to problems with Cena, mixed in with Cena’s frustration that Orton is the new focus of the RAW rooster and Barrett’s drive to become champion, this could set up a decent feud between the three.

The Fans Are Behind Randy Orton

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    WWE wants to please the fans, especially the kids, and if the kids love Orton, then WWE will listen and give them what they want in hopes to keep them happy. 

The WWE Championship Changes Hands Too Much

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    The WWE belts are worth nothing unless they have some credibility surrounding them, and if the belts change hands too much, then they're hardly worth a dime.

    WWE needs to have faith that wrestlers can hold the belts for a long time without fans getting bored.


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    That's the end of the slideshow. I hope you enjoyed it.

    Do you think Orton will win, or should win? Comment with any reasons why you think Orton should or will win, or even why he will lose.

    And I hope you enjoy the PPV!