Arsenal and Manchester Squad Comparison: Premier League Title?

John SmithCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2010

Nasri and Chamakh... Two integral parts of our goalscoring.
Nasri and Chamakh... Two integral parts of our goalscoring.Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

It´s been a crazy couple of weeks. I had an interview on Sky Sports, another one for World Football Daily, and some bad press in the Independent.

But that´s all behind me now, so I can get back to important things again. Like blogging about the Arsenal. Before I go any further, I gotta say that I´m thinking about closing down this blog, since I think it might compromise me professionally.

I´m a sports lawyer, and yesterday doing an interview I just wanted to blurt out how much I loved Arsenal and hated Wayne Rooney, but that sort of stuff isn´t very productive in the world of sports law, and isn´t the best way to make a name for yourself as a sports lawyer.

Unless you want a name as being a retarded sports lawyer with no sense and silly boyhood ideals.

Belive you me, if I had it my way, I´d represent only Arsenal, and win every case. I´d even do it for free, but that would pose a problem with the whole needing shelter and food to survive thing.

Anyway, I was going to do a little squad comparison between Arsenal and Man City like I did last year with Chelsea, United and Spurs—and when I say little, it was going to be quite extensive.

Now I´m just going to list the starting 11 of each, and go through it player by player to see who´s better on paper, in my own STRICTLY BIASED opinion. I just got a huge file on my desk to get through.


Joe Hart is much better than anything we´ve got. Shay Given is much better than anything we´ve got. City kills us here.

Full backs

I think that Clichy and Gibbs and better than Bridge and Kolarov, but I haven´t seen anything from Kolarov.

I also think that Sagna and Eboue are better than Richards and Zabaleta.

However, one thing that I might say is that perhaps our full backs are more adventurous going forward, but perhaps they aren´t as defensively stable as the City full backs. Particularly Richards, who is quite a god when defending.

Centre backs

I rate all four of our centre backs. Squillaci is no nonsense. Kos looks a real signing, and I think he´s probably our best defender on the ground. Vermaelen hasn´t played all year, but he´s an adventurous player. And Djourou is the guy who excites me the most. I think if he learns to attack the ball a little bit better in the air he´ll be a beast. He´s quick, tall, and strong—fantastic.

City has got Kompany, who has been the best defender in the league this season, other than Ashley Cole. They´ve also got Kolo Toure, who is probably not as good as any of our four. Then they´ve got exciting Belgian youngster Boyata, or Lescott who isn´t as good as he was at Everton. 

City have got a better defensive record than us this season so I´m going to give them the edge here even though I think our guys are better overall. I just think that Kompany is so good he edges for the Citizens.

Centre Midfielders

Song, Cesc, Wilshire, Nasri, Diaby, Denilson, Ramsey


Barry, De Jong, Yaya Toure, Vieira

I think that Cesc is the only world-class player of this lot. Wilshire will be, and Nasri is almost there.

City is full of defensive midfielders who all do their jobs relatively well, but none of them have set the league alight this season. However, City is great defensively, so they do their job.

However, I think Arsenal have the best centre midfield in the league, so I´m going to chalk this one up to Arsenal.


Arshavin, Walcott, Vela, Rosicky


Milner, Johnson, Wright-Phillips, Silva

This is a tough one. Wright-Phillips almost never plays, but neither does Vela. Although I think Vela has probably got a little more in his locker. That is to say, Vela is young, and Wright-Phillips has already shown us what he is capable of—flashes of brilliance, but no consistency.

Walcott is a bit like that for us, while Adam Johnson has been one of the stars of the Premier League this season.

Milner is a workhorse and a very versatile player. Arshavin is a great goalscorer, but lazy.

Rosicky is a workhorse and a very versatile player. Silva is unproven, but I´ve seen him lots of times for Valencia, and he´s an exceptionally technical player.

I think I´d probably put this one down as a draw. Depending on Silva´s development and Walcott refinding his form, the balance could be titled in favour of either the red or blue side.


RVP, Chamakh, Bendtner


Tevez, Adebayor, Santa Cruz, Jo

Tevez is the best of the lot for now, but RVP gives him a run for his money when fit.

Bendtner and Chamakh will score more goals than Adebayor, Santa Cruz, and Jo this season, and they are younger than the City Players. Well maybe Adebayor, Jo and Chamakh are the same age, but Bendtner is certainly younger than old man Roque.

I think we´ve scored more goals this season than City and that is only with Chamakh so I´m going to put this one down as an Arsenal win.

Also 'cause Bendtner has got great hair.

That´s my assessment. Here´s to a 2-nil away victory over the Sheiks and Bobby Pires signing for Barnet—my championship manager team.




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