Maybe JaMarcus Russell Wasn't the Oakland Raiders' Problem After All

Ramone BrownSenior Writer IOctober 22, 2010

Bruce Gradkowski listens intently as JaMarcus Russell and Tom Cable tell him about their favorite buffets
Bruce Gradkowski listens intently as JaMarcus Russell and Tom Cable tell him about their favorite buffetsEzra Shaw/Getty Images

It would seem as though Raider fans have been taken as fools.

Last year we were led to believe that all of the offensive failures were all on one position and one man: QB JaMarcus Russell.

Tom Cable told us that we would have been in the playoffs, if we had only had average QB play.

Well, Raider-Nation, we got Jason Campbell and based off of the numbers he put up last year, he is by definition an average QB. By some accounts he was even above average.

Now with our average QB we are still no where near a playoff caliber team. Matter of fact we may be even worse. Last year at this point in the season we were 2-4, and once again we have the same record. JaMarcus is gone and I see no improvement, so logic would suggest he was not the problem.

Against the 49ers, Jason Campbell put up a dismal 10.7 QB rating, going 8-of-23 with two interceptions. JaMarcus Russell's career-worst game was a 17.4 QB rating.

JaMarcus was allegedly sleeping through meetings, sippin purple drank, smoking weed, skipping practice for Vegas, hitting the club almost every night and making daily trips to the buffet.

Even more shocking JaMarcus Russell's QB rating as a Raider was 65.2. Jason Campbell's is 61.1 and reports from Rich Gannon suggest that Campbell hasn't learned all of the formations yet. 

This raises one big question: what the hell is wrong with Jason Campbell? By all accounts, Jason Campbell is a smart guy who hasn't missed any practice, doesn't do drugs and as far as we know hasn't made a single trip to Vegas.

How is it that JaMarcus had a better grip of this offense than Campbell?

Maybe Campbell is just plain dumb...A little research shows his wonderlic score was a 23, while JaMarcus scored a 24. And rumors suggest that was after Campbell was allowed to retake the test after a single digit score.

With the numbers Campbell has been putting up while wearing silver and black, I'm actually starting to miss good ol' JaMarcus Russell.

Hell, it seems we'd be better off with JaMarcus on the roster, at least we would still have our 2012 fourth round pick.

So how is it that Jason Campbell put up average numbers with the Redskins, but now that he's with the Raiders he puts up numbers worse than JaMarcus?

The answer is simple: the QBs aren't the problem, and they never were.

Cable lied to us and told us we would be in the playoffs with an average QB. He used JaMarcus as a scapegoat for his own ineptitude.

We were led to believe that JaMarcus was what was holding this team back. Well, JaMarcus is gone and something is still holding us back.

Whatever the problem was last year, it's still here.

It is as clear as day—Tom Cable is what's holding this team back, and what's been holding the team back all along.

Tom Cable is an O-line coach by trade and all offseason he told us our O-line, as well as our receivers, was good enough and would improve with better QB play.

Tom Cable is fraud, a liar and the biggest joke of a head coach that I've seen since Art Shell part II.

Well, fast-forward to today and Tom Cable's O-line has sidelined two QBs, Bruce Gradkowski and Jason Campbell, with injuries. At this rate, it's only a matter of weeks before we're forced to bring back JaMarcus.

Things have gotten so bad that we are now down to Kyle Boller, our third string QB, and Shane Lechlar, a Pro-Bowl punter, taking snaps at QB with the offense.

Maybe next week we can try Sebastian Janikowski out at QB.

If you want average QB play, the first thing you need is average coaching. Then average O-line play and protection. And then average receivers.

Well, our coach is a clown, our O-line is a joke and we have a receiver corps filled with inexperienced youngsters. It's no surprise the offense hasn't improved.

It's time for some major changes with the Oakland Raiders. We need a real head coach. Someone who can actually evaluate talent. Someone who won't tell us our O-line can perform when the rest of the world knows damn well it can't. Some one who won't spread false hope in the form of blatant lies.

The Raiders need to part ways with Tom Cable, the same way they did with Lane Kiffin, JaMarcus Russell and the other cancerous scum that held this team back.


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