WWE Bragging Rights: Top 10 Divas Championship Matches Ever

Joe M.Correspondent IOctober 22, 2010

WWE Bragging Rights: Top 10 Divas Championship Matches Ever

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    In this slideshow, we will be looking at the Top 10 Divas Championship Matches ever.  The matches are in no particular order and in the comments you can post what order you would put them in or any matches you think should have made the Top 10.

    WWE Divas wrestling is, needless to say, not the best wrestling out there, so while only one or two of these matches may have showcased actual wrestling ability, these are the at the very least the 10 most important Divas Championship Matches in the two-year history of the title.

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Michelle McCool Vs. Natalya

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    Place: Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, N.Y.

    Event: The Great American Bash - July 20, 2008

    Winner: Michelle McCool 

    Michelle McCool defeated Natalya in this match to become the first-ever Divas Champion.

Maryse Vs. Michelle McCool

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    Place: Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Event: Friday Night Smackdown! - Dec. 26, 2008

    Winner: Maryse

    Maryse defeated Michelle McCool to become the second Divas Champion in history.  Maria was the guest referee of the this match and received a post-match beat-down by McCool, who was in the middle of her heel turn.

Melina Vs. Jillian

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    Place: Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis

    Event: Monday Night Raw - Oct. 12, 2009

    Winner: Melina

    Jillian had just won the Divas Championship a few minutes earlier to become the fifth Divas Champion ever, however Melina made her return to Monday Night Raw moments after Jillian's win and defeated her for the title, becoming the fifth Divas Champion in history.

Mickie James Vs. Maryse

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    Place: Wachovia Center in Philadelphia

    Event: Night of Champions - July 26, 2009

    Winner: Mickie James

    The title didn't change hands in this match, however out of the few matches every fought for the Divas Championship over its two-year history, this match is one of the best. 

Michelle McCool Vs. Maryse

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    Place: Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland

    Event: Unforgiven - Sept. 7, 2008

    Winner: Michelle McCool

    Michelle McCool was able to retain her Divas Championship in this match, however, this feud would eventually lead to Maryse winning the Divas Championship, and Michelle McCool's heel turn would tie into it.

Alicia Fox Vs. Eve Vs. Gail Kim Vs. Maryse

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    Place: Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, N.Y.

    Event: Fatal Four Way - June 20, 2010

    Winner: Alicia Fox

    The only Fatal Four Way Match ever to take place for the Divas Championship saw Alicia Fox become the eighth Divas Champion.  Alicia won the title when she pinned Maryse.

Melina Vs. Alicia Fox

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    Place: Staples Center in Los Angeles

    Event: SummerSlam - Aug. 15, 2010

    Winner: Melina

    Melina defeated Alicia Fox to become the ninth Divas Champion in history.  Her reign, however, was the shortest Divas Championship reign, aside from Jillian's minute-long reign, at only 35 days long.

Maryse Vs. Gail Kim

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    Place: Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis

    Event: Monday Night Raw - February 22, 2010

    Winner: Maryse

    Maryse defeated Gail Kim in the final round of a tournament to determine who would become the new Divas Champion after Melina was forced to vacate the title due to a torn ACL.

Eve Vs. Maryse

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    Place: O2 Arena in London

    Event: Monday Night Raw - April 12, 2010

    Winner: Eve

    This is only time the Divas Championship changed hands outside of the United States, as Eve defeated Maryse in London to become the seventh Divas Champion.

Michelle McCool Def. Melina

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    Place: Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Ill.

    Event: Night of Champions - Sept. 19, 2010

    Winner: Michelle McCool

    Michelle McCool won this match to unify the WWE Women's and Divas Championships.  She became a two-time Divas Champion, as she was the 1st and 10th Diva to hold the title.