Cowboys Camp Cupcake Could Be Blessing

Kody Brannon@@kodysportskornrCorrespondent IAugust 21, 2008

Well, here we are knocking on the door of another NFL football season. Everybody wants to make their claims why they should be favored for the Super Bowl. Some teams are 2-0 in the preseason, and some teams are 0-2.

The Cowboys are of course the latter.

But to me, that doesn't mean anything. Right now the games don't count, and nobody really cares what they see. I have heard people say that the Cowboys are at Camp Cup Cake, and they are acting more than practicing.

This may be true. But I do know that come the start of the regular season. There is one big chip on this teams shoulder: The fact that everybody wants to talk about how they haven't won a playoff game on 11 years.

Well my friends, this year is the year that they end that streak. While last year was impressive, it ended badly. That's two seasons that Tony Romo has been ousted out of the playoffs early. 

This year, I know that tide will change. The Cowboys have strengthened their secondary with signing Ken Hamlin, and have added a few new tools in the draft.  While Adam "Pacman" Jones isn't cleared to play yet, I can only see positive things from him if he is allowed to play by the commissioner.

Now call me crazy, but I think getting rid of Julius Jones and bringing in Felix Jones is one of the best moves of the year. Julius was very lazy and just didn't have that pop that you need to be a running back in the NFL. With the tandem of Barber and Felix Jones, I have a gut feeling that no defense will be able to contain the Dallas running game, at least not without sacrificing the passing attack.

And there is my main point on offense. With T.O. and Witten, there is no hope for a secondary.  While losing Glenn may hurt the receiving, he was out all of last year and it didn't hurt too much. But this year we have a stronger running game, so what we miss there will be made up.

So to sum it all up, my early prediction is that the Cowboys will go 12-4, Win the NFC East, defeat their opponent in the NFC Championship, and win a lopsided Super Bowl. Then all the fans in Dallas will bring back the famous chant "How bout dem cowboys!"