WWE SummerSlam Blues

Ben CossetteContributor IAugust 21, 2008

            Who’s the mystery partner for the Million Dollar Team? What’s in the egg? Who will survive? These questions bugged me for months. I would go to school and talk about what was in the egg? I’d call my cousin and talk about the mystery partner. Finally the time had come to answer all my questions. Jeff, Chad, Gary, my step-dad and I all sat around the TV after Thanksgiving dinner that year. That PPV was my first and happened almost twenty years ago. Survivor Series 1990 was the first appearance of the Undertaker. Being a huge wrestling fan I’ve already seen him as Mean Mark Callaway on the NWA, but being 10 I didn’t realize it.

Last Sunday was the 21stSummer Slam, WWE’s second oldest PPV franchise. The main event was the 15thHell in a Cell match. This time a friend hosted the PPV. The rest of the card would have made a great Raw, but the PPV price was definitely not worth it. With pay-per-views going from 4 a year to 1 a month, long stories are now gone. PPVs are now another show with a different set. The art of good storytelling has gone wayside and now shock and awe is the norm.

Is Batista and Cena partners or opponents? One week they’re beating each other, then they’re tag team champions, then they’re fighting, then they’re praising each other and shaking hands. Anyone else confused? SmackDown is telling the best stories right now. Edge is the best heel (wrestling lingo for bad guy) in the company. Vicky Guerrero draws more heat then anyone. WWE Champion Triple H has been distant because of Stephanie giving birth, but The Undertaker / Edge angle is enough to keep a draw. Don’t get me started on ECW. The state of the company has been weird.

History has shown the WWE has long track record of reinventing them selves and looks like it might be time to for some of that McMahon magic. First off cut down on the programming; bring down the PPV count to 6, once every other month. Keep up the good work on SmackDown and the web site, both have been rocking lately. Either do something real with ECW or get rid of it. Maybe collapse ECW into Raw. The influx of talent could make an invasion story line possible. And if done right, the WWE could have another nWo.  They’ve been claiming victory over MNF but it’s only the pre-season. That victory count won’t continue and PPV buy rates will suffer when Sunday Night NFL returns as well. Only time will tell.