Kasey Kahne Released From Richard Petty Motorsports: Good Choice Or Bad Move?

Amira ClineContributor IOctober 21, 2010

Kasey Kahne: The new face of Red Bull Racing?
Kasey Kahne: The new face of Red Bull Racing?Jerry Markland/Getty Images

Kasey Kahne was released of his driver duties for Richard Petty Motorsports. Is that a good move for RPM or a bad choice? Well, let's examine the facts.

Kahne was a skilled driver, even if he was in a slump. RPM's choice to let him go before his contract was over may be a bad decision. If Red Bull Racing gives Kahne the right car, he can win the last races in the Chase.

Kahne will drive for Red Bull Racing now that he has been officially released from his former team. He will probably finish out the year in the 83 car. Then the question of next year pops up.

People are saying that Scott Speed has already been removed form his car for next season. That may or may not be true, but if it is, that puts Kahne in his car and Vickers back in the 83.

Another main question is this: What if something happens to Vickers that has him marked as unable to drive? No, no one wants that to happen, but blood clots are reoccurring.

If Vickers was to get sick and be unable to drive, would they offer his car to Speed? If they did that, would Speed even take it? Chances are he would take the chance if he doesn't have another ride.

That said, who will offer Speed a car? There aren't many teams who have the room to take another driver. In fact, the only team that immediately comes to mind is RPM. What are the chances that Speed would drive for the team that let the driver go that took his car?

This situation keeps getting more and more confusing, but the chances are NASCAR has it figured out it some way or form.