Why The Decline of Boxing is Boxing's Own Fault

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Why The Decline of Boxing is Boxing's Own Fault

A feinted jab. A little bobbing and weaving.

Boxing is a hit and don't get hit sport, with tricks of the trade always stretching its credibility. It's a sport more known for corruption than marketability, and doesn't benefit from the recent Olympic Games either. 

Common knowledge says boxing doesn't have the appeal it used to, and die-hard fans argue vehemently where the blame should lie. Lack of superstars, ruthless promoters, the emergence of Mixed-Martial Arts and its continued success, all seem to depreciate what was once an integral sport in America.

Long ago nothing meant more in sports than the Heavyweight Championship of the World, a title only one person could attain and garner respect from.

Nowadays there are as many as four heavyweight champs, none of which would be recognized except maybe one as legitimate. Boxer's undefeated records became more important than learning their craft through opposition. Financial demand seems to elevate year after year when the quality of product rarely changes.

How it works today is promoter's launch the initial battle with the television network and fight over money. When that concludes, the guys who actually do the fighting have to fight over the money left over. The influence of outside the ring factors gets stronger as time goes by, and there is no end in sight.

One wonders what could put boxing back at the forefront of sports. Is it even possible with the damaged reputation boxing carries with it? There is greed in any competitive action; that greed may be what put an athlete onto that grand of a stage after all.

But when the industries greed in general continually prevents a once great sport from reaching the status it occupied for so long, no excuses are needed. If boxing never elevates its status again, it'll be boxing's own fault.

There are no excuses for taking the oldest and purest form of sport and making a joke of it. For a sport that embodies the word respect, boxing sure could do more to earn it.

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