Rett's Pre Season Top 25

Rett ThompsonContributor IAugust 21, 2008

This is a pre season Top 25 poll, just for laughs, as we know college football always gets a little crazy. The major point that I feel the AP poll and USA today poll missed? LSU may be the defending champs, but towards the end of the season last year weren't even the best in the SEC, snuck into the title game, and beat an Ohio State team that had a very weak schedule last year. This year LSU loses Glen Dorsey and Matt Flynn to the NFL with LSU quarterback-of-the-future Ryan Perrilloux kicked off the team. It's rebuilding, not reloading this year as LSU goes to Auburn, Florida, and South Carolina while hosting Georgia and Alabama. Look for LSU to drop at least 3 of these match ups. (To read more overrated teams check out my article Top 5 Overrated teams of 2008)

1. Georgia

2. University of Southern California

3. Florida

4. West Virginia

5. Oklahoma

6. Ohio State

7. Auburn

8. Texas

9. Clemson

10. LSU

11. Missouri

12. Arizona State

13. Wisconsin

14. Alabama

15. Virginia Tech

16. Illinois

17. Kansas

18. Tennessee

19. Texas Tech

20. Brigham Young

21. Penn State

22. South Carolina

23. South Florida

24. Wake Forest

25. Oregon