Join the Official Fantasy Hockey League of Bleacher Report!

Greg CaggianoSenior Writer INovember 8, 2016

EDIT: BT made a great suggestion about draft order and I think it is only fair. NHL CLs will go first and the rest will go in order of writer ranking. So if the draft were today, the order would be:

1. Bryan Thiel

2. Ken Armer

3. Alan Bass

4. Greg Caggiano

5. Matt Eichel

6. Eric Kuzmiak

7. Chris Bouthillier

8. Chris Hoeler

9. Faiz Verji

10. Brett Bods

11. Jason Klau

12. Matt Ellenberger

13. Tyler Hill

14. Bernie Horowitz

The more you write, the better draft pick you will get!

Good afternoon all of you hockey Bleacher Creatures! After speaking with Ken Armer a few weeks ago, I got the "Okay" to go ahead and start planning for the official fantasy hockey league of the Bleacher Report Open Source Sports Network. All information is listed below.

  1. The league will be run on Yahoo and is free.
  2. There will be a maximum of 14 teams so join quickly to be guaranteed a spot.
  3. Registrations on Yahoo haven't started yet but you will have to email me now so I have you're information to send you an email with the registration details.
  4. In the email please put your name in the subject so I know who it's coming from.
  5. You must be a writer, not a reader in order to join and must have at least five hockey articles written on this site to be allowed to join.
  6. After emailing me, you will get a response in the coming weeks with a league I.D and password.
  7. Something I insist on is that the name of your team is your own name. It will be much easier that way so we know who is doing good and who isn't and when I post a weekly fantasy update, people will know who's team is who.
  8. The draft will be live on an date not yet decided. When registered, the date will be there. The draft date will not be changed unless there are five or more people that can't make the time. If you can't make it, then set your player rankings and your team will be drafted automatically based on positions you need filled, by the best player available.
  9. Managers must stay active. If your team goes more then three weeks without being edited, then another draft will be held and your team will be divided amongst the other teams in the league.

Fantasy leagues are so much fun and very competitive so hopefully this will be the first of many on Bleacher Report. Please send an email here to request a team. Act quickly because spots are sure to fill up!