Nelson Wants to Grow His Fan Base

Nelson SantosCorrespondent IAugust 21, 2008

I've never been a big fan of self-promotion. In fact I usually dislike any athlete that self-promotes. (see Terrell Owens and Sean Avery). I've never been one to beg for or crave attention either. I'm merely writing this asking why I still have NO FANS.

I joined Bleacher Report exactly 21 days ago and have contributed 14 articles. I like to think they're relatively insightful and for the most part unbiased. Yet after 4,878 total read (as of Aug. 21 11:21am EDT) not one reader has thought enough of any of my works to click a simple button that reads "Become a Fan of Nelson.."

It's left me wondering why? Could it be my usually negative take on any article that remotely suggests a positive outlook on the Toronto Maple Leafs' current situation? Even so I would've thought some Montreal Canadiens or Ottawa Sentors fan would become a fan of mine simply because I took the time to slag the arch rival. Still no fans.

I've written articles about the greatness that is the Philadelphia Flyers. Again, still no click of that damned button. Heck as a Flyers' fan I've even wrote an article predicting that the hated New York Rangers would top the Atlantic Division and still no fans from the Big Apple.

I'm not out looking for a sympathy pick. I'm just wondering what it is I may have done to rub  other members the wrong way? Heck I've even become a fan of a few writers just to see if it would be reciprocated (just kidding Alan, PJ and Jeff). Could it be possible that my writing is not nearly as good as I think it is? Maybe my well thought out articles are in fact incoherent drivel. Maybe I'll never know. Maybe those same readers that haven't taken the time to click that button that's become the bane of my existence will take a minute or two to provide me feedback on why I've yet to write anything worthy of gaining a fan.

Please let me know however it is you feel about my work. It might help me finally get back to sleep.