WWE: Eight Feuds To Really Entertain and Exhibit The Real Talent

Antelope SpartanContributor IOctober 21, 2010

WWE: Eight Feuds To Really Entertain and Exhibit The Real Talent

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    This list is not going to focus on the main-event picture with the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton and The Undertaker. Instead I am focusing on the upper/mid-card that tends to provide the most enjoyment and entertainment to the IWC.

    We all love to see our favourites doing well and putting on fabulous performances, mainly so that we can come on the Internet and moan about how they are not main-eventing!

    Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that all these feuds are going to lead to the superstars going on to become the champion and headline Wrestlemania, some I honestly believe would provide the platform for this, but ultimately I am looking for rivalries that would excite and entertain.

    When WWE is at its very best, it has focus from the bottom of the card to the very top, too many of the fan's actual favourites are not involved in substantial feuds to buy into on a weekly basis, and this is what we really need!

1. John Morrison Vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    Now, the first problem here is that these two are on separate shows; Morrison on Raw and Del Rio on Smackdown. As this is a hypothetical list, I am not going to focus too much on it.

    There have been rumours in recent times that there may be a return to the olden days of there being one solid roster to appear on both shows, this would obviously allow these two the chance to enter into a program together.

    The most recent encounter with these two was on the Oct. 18 Raw, whereby they eliminated each other in the Battle Royal. I don't know about you, but I felt a connection between these two, some sort of chemistry that could lead to a series of excellent matches.

    Let's face it, JoMo could pull off a good match with anyone and Del Rio is beginning to show that he will hold his own in the squared circle for years to come.

    Wrestling wise, I wouldn't see a problem with a longstanding feud between these two fellows. The only problem might be JoMo's limited capacity on the microphone, I wouldn't want him trying the corny funny stuff that doesn't work, as I'd like to see a real intense feud between the two.

    Del Rio can pull off all the promos he likes, continuing in the rich vein he has introduced us to, I have to admit I get excited every time I hear his theme song hit, and he really is a big star of the future. Del Rio is the type of heel that everyone will love to hate, and eventually he will be a big-time babyface.

    All JoMo needs to do is respond with action, never words. Continue with the Parkour and free running exhibitions, as they add character to his performance.

    Have matches that allow JoMo to continue to explore the arena and come up with original offence during PPV's, similar to the big falls Shane O'Mac used to regularly take during his PPV appearances.

    Ultimately, give this feud some real meat by giving the pay off match a Number One Contenders stipulation, leading to the winner actually defeating the champion at the next PPV. Make a mammoth feud that can only lead to both being bona fide main eventers.

    I can't see past these two being involved in the Money In The Bank Ladder match at Wrestlemania 27, I think this would perfectly fit into a feud between the two. JoMo could claim the prize and lead to a match between the two over the prize, a singles Ladder match that could be mind blowing.

    In the long term, I definitely believe Del Rio will become a World Champion, without doubt. Unless something happens backstage or he does something stupid, then he will be. He has all the attributes and is already on the ride to the top.

    Morrison has the athleticism to really sell the WWE as sports entertainment to people outside of the WWE Universe, whether they feel that is enough to give him a World Title is another question. Out of the two, you have to consider Del Rio as the more likely to carry a strap in the next year.

2. Chris Jericho Vs. CM Punk

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    Verbally this encounter would sell itself. Jericho and Punk are arguably the two best talkers in the WWE right now. The beauty of both is that they excel at being the bad guy and ripping into the crowd, yet at a blink of an eye, those fans would immediately back them to hell and back.

    Jericho isn't active in the WWE right now, and I would expect him to return in a feud with Randy Orton, whether that will culminate at Wrestlemania is anyone's guess.

    However, Punk is now on Raw and it would be the ideal opportunity to give these two a run with each other that could prove to be epic.

    I don't care how many times these two wrestle each other, Jericho really can turn into the next HBK in delivering different kinds of wrestling matches against the same opponent.

    I find that a lot of the main eventers in the WWE at the moment have very stale move sets, these two working together should be about exploration and story-telling in the ring.

    Give them the time to tell a story on a regular basis on PPV and I am sure that we would not be disappointed. I could even see these two pulling off a legitimate Iron Man Match.

3. Edge & Christian Vs Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater Vs McGillicutty/Harris

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    I keep hearing that tag-team wrestling has been forgotten about by the WWE and that there is just no interest in the division any more. I agree with the general consensus that this is a worrying aspect of the WWE at the moment, but there does not seem like there is a clear resolution to this problem.

    Most superstars in this day and age do not see the advantage of pairing up in their early career and developing a credible tag-team, instead they are self-minded and solely driven by proving themselves as singles competitors.

    It's not so much a problem that the WWE can do much about, unless they provide some extra incentive to become a tag-team in the first place, like again including such teams in main-events, or providing a competition with a big prize at the end similar to Money in the Bank for both members of the team.

    I don't want to see WWE forcing singles competitors to become teams, I want natural teams to enter the world of Professional Wrestling looking to make it big together. that is what we need if we want to get back to the great days of tag-team wrestling.

    I also think that the WWE should be throwing in the women to manage the teams or low and behold, bring back the male manager!

    Or even better, go back to the days when a singles competitor was aligned to a tag-team. There are many different ways of making tag-team wrestling interesting again and evolving the competition.

    Back to the feud I have mentioned. Edge & Christian are without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite tag-team of all time. I'm not saying that they are the best tag-team to ever grace the squared circle, but my personal picks.

    Edge has had an amazing career and never fails to entertain me. Yet since his return from the serious injury, he has just been lacking something, I can't quite put my finger on it, but it almost seems like he is beginning to slow down and head towards the end of the road.

    This being said, he is still a big time player in the WWE, and if they are to resurrect this division, then they need one of their big names to help them do it.

    The chemistry and charisma of E&C was fabulous, they were involved in some of the greatest matches of the era when they faced off against the Hardys and Dudleys.

    Everyone wants to see Christian go on to become a World Champion, but it is looking highly unlikely that this is going to occur with the big drive towards the new generation of superstars.

    I feel we have one more run of E&C to witness before their illustrious careers come to an end, and what better way than helping to promote the young up and coming superstars. So, for the benefit of those with flash photography...

    The other two teams mentioned above I expect to be part of the Nexus for the near future, and I would actually encourage this feud to occur whilst all four are members of Nexus. Wade Barrett does like to ensure he has competition in Nexus and that no-one allows themselves to become complacent, what better way than pitting their wits in the chase for the tag-team titles?

    It would be great viewing to watch the teams exchange title runs whilst still being members of the Nexus and having to still work as a unit doing the work of Barrett. These four are not the finished article by a long shot, but I do feel that they all have something to offer in the long run.

    By putting them into the tag-team division you are going to allow them to express their talents and perhaps hide any flaws they may currently have, until a time comes where they find their true position on the roster.

    Add into the fact that they could have other superstars as their run-in buddies: Kaval or Kofi Kingston with E&C, CM Punk or Jack Swagger with Harris/McGillicutty, and David Otunga with the Nexus lads.

    I'm just throwing names into the mix there, they probably don't make sense, but you get the general idea. In reality you'd probably get the likes of Joey Mercury, Primo and Zack Ryder.

4. Daniel Bryan Vs. Jack Swagger

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    This feud can happen soon in my eyes. Bryan is the United States Champion, which is great, and WWE aren't doing a real bad job with him. The fans are into him, he has a future, but it does need a build and momentum.

    I have no problem with the way Sheamus destroyed him the other week on Raw and then Bryan gave as good as he got in return the following week.

    Sheamus and Bryan can have a great feud of their own, and feel that this is one of those feuds that can be slowly brought to the boil whilst they pursue other opponents in the mean time, make it big.

    I will admit I didn't want to see Bryan dance, but I understand why they are doing it, to try and give him a personality, but in reality, I think he is fine as he is and just needs to be allowed to wrestle.

    I'm sure he'll find himself on Smackdown before long, where he'll be able to better showcase his undoubted talents in the ring and not have to worry about doing any dancing.

    On a side-note, I really wish WWE didn't feel the need to have any dancing on the shows, it is cringe worthy and really does nothing to add credibility to the show, it isn't a variety show, it's sports entertainment.

    Swagger and Bryan could have some outstanding matches with each other and would pit the Ankle Lock vs. the LeBell Lock. Swagger could easily be arguing the fact that he is the All American-American-American-Whatever and that Bryan doesn't fully represent the US, he shouldn't be lowering himself to the US Championship status, but dammit he can't allow Bryan to hold onto that title.

    I don't want to see Swagger back in the Money in the Bank match at next year's Wrestlemania, so why not pit these two off for the title? I'd pay to see that.

    Depending on how they develop Alex Riley, he could also be thrown into the mix. Bit like how Jericho/Angle/Benoit used to feud over the European/Intercontinental titles. I expect big things of Riley and am loving his work with the Miz currently.

5. Dolph Ziggler Vs. The Miz

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    I'd take Dolph into this one as the babyface, as his defining feud in seeing whether he can become a big name player or not.

    The Miz is truly awesome and I won't take any negativity towards him, everyone has faults, but he is the most improved superstar in all of wrestling and shows he has the ability to continue to get better.

    Putting your stock in him is the correct decision and he is definitely the next big thing.

    Dolph is a fantastic worker with a great WWE look and he is slowly working himself into a position where he'll be seriously knocking on the door of the big boys before long.

    Ideally I'd see this feud occurring over the WWE Championship, with The Miz established as the champion and having held the title for a long time. I don't necessarily see Ziggler winning the strap during the feud, but more of a try out to see if he can hold his own on the stage.

    The Miz has a lot of good feuds in him, there is a long list of competitors you want to see him pitting against, that is the beauty of him at the moment.

    He is fantastic on the microphone and ever improving in the ring. You want to see him face to face with the best of the WWE, he hasn't had many notable feuds to speak of, therefore there are so many new matches. For that reason, I see this feud as pure fantasy.

    Whether they'd be willing to turn Dolph face is another matter, but at the moment they need someone to on Smackdown due to the sheer shortage, I do think he is the best candidate for the job and it would be at least one step towards him facing off against The Miz.

    Ziggler Vs. Bryan at Bragging Rights will more than likely steal the show and could propel both individuals onto the next level. We can only hope!

6. Drew McIntyre Vs. Triple H

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    Drew McIntyre's push has somewhat halted and he now finds himself in a so-called tag-team with Cody Rhodes. I really don't see this being a long-term thing, so he needs something to get back into the spotlight of WWE.

    Who better than Triple H? I have no idea when he is going to return to active WWE competition on TV, but it must be pretty soon.

    I'd go out on a limb and say they'll enter him into the Royal Rumble and be a surprise winner, though I wouldn't buy into that myself as I think his time running for the title is over.

    I would also like to see an eventual heel turn by Triple H after he has finished with the obvious feud with Sheamus upon his return.

    After the Sheamus feud, I can see Drew McIntyre stepping up to the plate for a piece of Triple H. The matches between the two wouldn't be world beaters, but I would estimate that they would surprise a few people.

    They can both work an angle and you could bring Vince into the picture as he is the one who calls Drew the Chosen One, whilst being Triple H's father-in-law. It could work.

    At the culmination of the feud, whereby Drew wins. I could see Triple H turning heel and joining up with Drew and a few others.

    Giving Triple H the chance to return to his best character and help mould the superstars of the future. Drew backed by Triple H would undoubtedly lead to a credible World Heavyweight Championship run.

7. Cody Rhodes Vs. Kaval

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    I just think that these two could do with a good rivalry on Smackdown to put on wrestling matches. I'm not so convinced they'd develop a good feud so to speak, as "Dashing" Cody Rhodes is just going to focus on Kaval not being as good looking as him, etc, etc which isn't the most entertaining, but who cares as long as they put on good matches?

    I can't see either of them ever becoming a world champion, yes they will have their opportunities and who knows what the future holds, but there are so many young superstars yet to hold the titles that I'd put before them.

    Yet I really like them both. I used to hate Cody during the Legacy times, but he is starting to win me over with his in-ring performances and Kaval has so much buzz from the IWC that it is only natural to want to see more of him.

    I actually like that he is being beaten on a regular basis on Smackdown and got shafted off the team for Bragging Rights. You can't become the next Rey Mysterio underdog if you win every match. 

    It's important that he goes through a rough patch, to get the fans really behind him and for the WWE to see if the fans truly back him.

    He'll come good eventually, and a good feud with Cody could be just the start. I would love to see Cody defeat him six or seven times before Kaval finds his feet and becomes unstoppable.

8. Evan Bourne Vs. Rey Mysterio

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    We all love to see the high fliers going at it. Unfortunately at the moment in the WWE we are not seeing them at loggerheads with each other. Instead they are forced to job most of the time and look ridiculous against the much larger competitors.

    I think most fans would agree that they'd love to see Bourne, Mysterio, Kidd, Morrison, Guerrero, Primo, Kaval, Bryan, etc face off on a weekly basis. I would hate to see the return of the Light Heavyweight Championship as I thought it looked awful and is unnecessary.

    Whilst I want to see them working together, it doesn't have to be exclusive, they should instead be using their performances to springboard towards the existing championships. Mysterio is the main high flier in the WWE, he has become the ultimate underdog and has to take responsibility in ensuring his peers do not continue to get overlooked.

    Evan Bourne had a great run a few months back when Cena backed him and he got pinfalls over Sheamus and Jericho, big wins for anyone. Yet he went back to his same spot on the roster and was horribly teaming with Mark Henry.

    The shoulder injury might have come at the right time (not for me, as I was hoping to see him live in the UK dammit!), as it gives him the rest of 2010 off, giving him the opportunity to return to much fanfare at the Royal Rumble and make a real impact.

    Now, either Mysterio could become jealous that Bourne is being seen as the new number one high flier in the WWE,  or he could see a role nurturing Bourne to the top with a series of matches to showcase his skills. Either way it would take Mysterio out of the main event picture where he has had his day and promote Bourne brilliantly.

    Bourne will no doubt go into a programme with CM Punk upon his return, but they can start sowing the seeds of the Bourne-Mysterio feud to begin freshly after Wrestlemania.

    As with Kaval and Cody Rhodes, I would love to see Bourne as a WWE Champion, but do feel that it will be highly unlikely. If he could become the prime high flier and appear in good matches each and every week, then I'd happily take that.