Wade Barrett: NXT WWE Champion?

Antelope SpartanContributor IOctober 21, 2010

There have been a lot of articles over the past few months concerning Wade Barrett and the Nexus, rightly so as it has been one of the most refreshing storylines that I can certainly remember.

NXT Season 1 was different and I tried my hardest to appreciate it for what it was. This is essentially what we need to do with the wacky and weird world of Wrestling, take it for what it is.

Yes, Season 1 had its problems and I won't even get started on the "challenges," however the biggest success of NXT is the Nexus.

I'm not going to strip down each and every member of the Nexus, as this is pointless. We can all see their obvious personal strengths and weaknesses.

However, that is the beauty of the stable, they don't necessarily need to stand out as individuals presently.

I take my hat off to WWE, it is an exceptional way of introducing new characters and talent to us at a time when everyone is hoping that the next generation will rise up to the top and begin a new era.

Whoa, that is something that doesn't happen an awful lot on the Internet, giving the WWE praise where it is due!

It is now time for Wade Barrett to prove he is worthy of being a legitimate main event threat in WWE and maintain a position at the head of this new wave.

It was extremely easy to liken Wade straight away during NXT with his impressive mic work and undoubted talent in the ring.

Pairing him with Chris Jericho was genius, the duo were head and shoulders over the rest of the competition. I'll admit being English helped me become a fan of Barrett's, as it is glorious to see another Brit in WWE doing well.

Winning Season One was pretty obvious to most people watching NXT. I did hope that NXT would be more like Tough Enough, as that is the type of show that could draw in a new audience to WWE in the age of the reality TV show.

If we were given an insight into how performers become Superstars of the WWE and introduce us to the person behind the character, then I guarantee that it would appeal to a broader audience.

Have you ever tried getting someone new into Wrestling?! Impossible. I try on a regular basis to get my girlfriend involved and think a show like this would work, but I digress.

This gave Wade an opportunity at a title shot at a PPV of his choosing, I was actually appalled that this occurred during the 6-Pack Challenge in all honesty. I can see why they didn't give him a 1-1 right away as not many people would buy into that, and at the moment, Wade Barrett headlining a PPV is not going to generate ultimate interest.

It was just a shame that by winning NXT Season 1, he was put into a match where he had no chance of winning. Of course, at this moment in time, it was speculated that the Nexus were coming to an end...

How wrong everyone was about this! I'm pleased that Nexus is still going after the Cena-Barrett match for a couple of reasons. One is that Nexus is obviously a perfect breeding ground for introducing up and coming superstars into the group and giving them immediate exposure.

I accept that the likes of Tarver and Young are never going to be megastars of tomorrow, but it is always necessary to have competitors on the roster to job to those who need momentum.

They've been involved in the biggest angle of their careers and will only benefit from this in the long run, if they never achieve such status again, then there is no harm done.

The WWE are being very savvy in the current climate too, I'm sure the likes of Tarver, Young, Slater, etc are on pretty low-level contracts and means they are less risky if they do not get over.

They've done a very valuable job already in pushing Wade Barrett into the upper echelons of the roster.

Speaking of the Nexus being great for new additions, I am personally excited that Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty are being affiliated with the Nexus and will sooner rather than later be official members.

I won't lie to you, Hennig did nothing for me during NXT Season 2, but do feel that he can bring some intensity to the group and that swinging neckbreaker last week did look effective.

Husky is a different matter completely, I really like him and think he has the type of psychology that could really generate some interesting feuds in the future, some mind games with him and Goldust would be pretty awesome.

They did need to replace the 3 members who have left to maintain the credibility of the group, with Cena, Harris & Hennig you can argue that the group is stronger and more interesting than ever. I just hope that is it for the time being...

The second reason I'm still happy about Nexus being active is the John Cena effect. I love John Cena. He is brilliant for WWE, whether or not you get your knickers in a twist about his lack of wrestling ability.

Surely any fan of the WWE can recognise the importance of having individuals who can draw in revenue for the product like Cena can. More importantly, the kids love him, almost reminiscent of how Hulkamania ran wild in the 80's/90's.

However, I do sign up to the idea that Super-Cena was getting boring and slightly ridiculous. His act needed a little change in direction and emphasis.

I love that it seems we are on the verge of a heel turn by Cena, if done correctly then you could find most people who follow WWE being a big fan of Cena's... I just feel that he has something extra to add as a full-on heel.

If he properly runs with it and becomes a full-blooded member of Nexus not motivated by the fans or the championship, then I think we'd see something special.

My only concern with this is whether WWE are willing to sacrifice their biggest merchandise machine. I normally hate it when a tag-team come out to singles music or an individual turns face/heel without any changes to their appearance.

Yet I have liked Cena continuing with the purple and the music following his appointment with Nexus. It is being handled well at the moment.

If it continues to be a slow movement towards the Nexus attire and a new theme music, then brilliant. I just hope that the likes of Orton and Miz really step up to the plate merchandise wise, and twist WWE's arm to go full out with Cena.

Ultimately, they will still make money off Cena as they kids will love him no matter what he does. I just pray that he actually makes the heel turn and doesn't end up being a face throughout this storyline.

Back to Wade...

He has Cena in his corner at Bragging Rights against Randy Orton. All signs point towards Wade becoming the WWE Champion. It would make sense, let's face it. Nexus showed up and turned the WWE upside down, it appeared all that stood in their way was John Cena.

He has now been aligned into the Nexus and the next obvious step is the WWE Championship. Has Wade been involved in enough feuds and big matches to carry the strap? Had Sheamus?!

There is a UK tour right after Bragging Rights, would it not make sense for the WWE to base this around the new English WWE Champion, Wade Barrett?

I think it would. My only concern is that I am sick to death of all the title changes, the championships themselves are becoming more worthless by the months.

I blame this on the unnecessary PPV schedule, I recall the glorious days of there being only 4/5 PPV's a year. I'm not saying we should return to those days, but surely once a month is more than enough for a WWE PPV. They surely wouldn't feel the need to throw the titles around so much then.

I'm still disappointed that Sheamus hasn't had a long run with the title. I honestly believe that someone needs to run through to at least the Royal Rumble or ideally Wrestlemania with the championship.

I would say that Randy Orton is in the best position to do this currently as he is on such a hot run.

Although, if he hadn't just won it I'd say that Wade Barrett would be superb as a long-term champion whilst Cena is given time to make a glorious heel turn before leading into a Wrestlemania match against Orton or Barrett.

We all love to play fantasy booking don't we?! If only there was a wrestling equivalent of Football Manager, it might make the IWC a little less pre-menstrual!

If asked to bet on the outcome of Bragging Rights, I'd say that Randy Orton will retain with some help from Cena. Cena will eventually come around to the ways of the Nexus and lead to Barrett eventually winning the title with his assistance at a future PPV.

That being said, I can also see Barrett winning the title off Orton at Bragging Rights, such has been the regularity of the title changes in recent times.

It's nice, isn't it, not to be 100 percent sure on the outcome of a PPV match, seems to be happening a lot recently with Wade Barrett/Nexus, which is excellent, as we certainly do not want this to become predictable.

The important thing is, Wade Barrett is a WWE Champion waiting to happen. I'm delighted about this, yes you have all your up and coming stars, those who have been over-looked in the past (we all have our favourites) and those who have put in so much effort to be where they are.

But in Wade you have someone made for the top. I think his recent mic work on Raw has been brilliant and he is only going to improve with time.

He has the right look, talent and demeanour to carry the biggest prize in Sports Entertainment. Bring it on!


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