Cleveland Browns: Is Week 7 Final Audition for Eric Mangini and Brian Daboll?

Brian MurtaughAnalyst IOctober 21, 2010

CLEVELAND - OCTOBER 03:  Head coach Eric Mangini of the Cleveland Browns claps his hands during their game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns Stadium on October 3, 2010 in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)
Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns are now close to the midway point of a season that has failed to impress and the coaches are coming under fire yet again.

Eric Mangini ended last season unsure of his job stability, but after four straight wins to close out the 2009-2010 campaign, newly appointed team president Mike Holmgren, deemed his progress sufficient enough to warrant a second season with the club.

Now after what may be a potential 1-6 start heading into the bye week, Mangini's job along with the job security of his coordinators are becoming a very hot topic. Offensive Coordinator, Brian Daboll, has come under fire after almost every game this season as Cleveland has struggled with offensive consistency and the ability to be effective during the second half of games. 

As the Browns head to New Orleans this week, one would have to wonder whether or not this will be the final game that either of these two men are walking the sideline for the Cleveland Browns organization.

President, Mike Holmgren, and General Manager, Tom Heckert, have both been around the NFL for a significant amount of time in their own right, but it is reported that neither Holmgren or Heckert have been impressed enough to endorse the organizations backing of either coach.

It is unrealistic for an NFL team who is rebuilding to expect a new coach to take them all the way to the top in just two seasons. It is also unrealistic to think that a team will go 1-6 during two consecutive seasons and retain their coaching staff.

So where does that put the Browns coaches?

Rob Ryan has been the only member of the Browns coaching staff that has seemed to have made significant improvements over the 2010 season. Even though the Browns are struggling heavily with their pass defense, most of the secondary troubles can more than likely be associated with inexperienced players rather than poor coaching.

Brian Daboll has been probably the biggest headache out of all the Browns coaching staff for a few simple reasons.

Play-calling has been one of Daboll's biggest downfalls this season after making questionable calls in nearly every game. Whether it was a run up the middle on third and long or the decision to sit on the ball instead of trying to score at the end of the first halfthe Browns have seen it all this season.

The second reason is one that has seemed to be slightly resolved with the insertion of Colt McCoy into the Browns offense. Before McCoy was under center, Daboll was very hesitant in letting the Browns' quarterbacks take shots down the field.

It is still unclear whether or not this issue has been resolved as the Browns were forced to play from behind throughout most of McCoy's first start.

Mike Holmgren took a calculated risk when he decided to retain the coaching staff and unfortunately for Mangini and his assistants, their time may be running thin.

It is reasonable to believe that Holmgren would like to pursue "his guy" and bring in a coach that he is more familiar and more comfortable with as this season winds to a close and thoughts of high draft picks come back into view.

Only time will tell if the Browns coaching staff will be reworked in the coming weeks, but nevertheless, Browns fans may want to watch this week's game a little closer because the team may look a little different after the bye week.