College Football Week 1: I Smell a Blowout

Mitch WilsonSenior Writer IAugust 21, 2008

I know I may be in the minority here on more than just a few issues. I am not in favor of the NCAA’s new Horse Collar Rule, I think there is no way Georgia wins the National Title, I think the unintentional face mask rule being waived stinks as well, and I like to watch a good blowout once in a while.

With the Horse Collar tackle, its just part of the game. It’s been around forever and just because the NFL makes a rule, it’s a good thing?

The NCAA didn’t think it was a problem when Roy Williams played their game; I’m not so sure why it’s a problem now.

I’ve spoken at length about Georgia and in hoping to save my fingers and email host any more pain from answering the Dawg fans, I’ll just say that the schedule is just too tough for anyone.

Even if Mark Richt was really Vince Lombardi and the Dawgs were the 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers, their schedule would be daunting.

I think not having the incidental face mask will put way too much on the officials. While remarkably the officiating got even worse last year (and do we not remember the on-field conferences that took so long a pizza man made a delivery to the "conference"), the NCAA decided to give these guys just one more thing to make a “judgment” call on.

Maybe the good guys at the NCAA didn’t see where a guy raised his hand for a fair catch and ran it in for a touchdown that stood in last year’s UConn-Louisville game. I’ve been watching football as long as I can remember and I’ve never seen that before.

Oh, about the blowout comment, if I happen to have made a “pick” on a game, it’s always nice to not have to sweat it out. I rarely feel sorry for the blown-out team, even if it is they guys I picked. They more than likely prepared and played well enough to get blown out.

With it being one week from the start of the season, I get to finally talk about games again. There are a bunch of games in week one that have no point spread and those are what we’ll talk about today.

While College football doesn’t have a preseason, it does often have games that resemble the preseason. These are games so non-competitive that there is no Vegas line.

My regular picks against the spread will come out on Tuesdays, but for today let’s talk about those games which have no point spread. THE GAMES