WWE Bragging Rights: What Role Will John Cena Play in the Orton/Barrett Match?

Andre HarrisonCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2010

It's an intriguing one isn't it? 

Hello everyone, WWE Featured Columnist Andre Harrison here with another one of Harrison's Analysis'. Now, I would have included it in the title, but unfortunately, the title wouldn't let me have it!

Anyway, here is a preview to one of the WWE Bragging Rights main events for this coming Sunday, as Randy Orton defends his WWE Championship against Nexus Leader, Wade Barrett, with the added stipulation that John Cena has to be at ringside to accompany him for the match.

Now, this opens up a whole range of possible options as to what Cena's involvement could possible be. So, I have taken the liberty of analysing the potential options and the possibilty of said "event" happening.


Option No. 1: John Cena Plays the "Reluctant Follower" Again...

Probably the most likely option. Ever since Hell in a Cell three weeks ago, John Cena's been forced to play the reluctant follower role and take orders from Wade Barrett, or else be fired. (Yeah, I don't believe that Anonymous GM for a second either...)

Anywho, the WWE could add length to this storyline by doing this, especially if it is planning to put the Championship on Wade Barrett. 

Now giving Barrett the Championship would be a bad idea right now, but I could very well see it happening. The feud with Barrett and Cena doesn't really need it, but it would be an automatic way of making it seem more important.

However, if Orton was to retain, this option is harder to work, because despite Cena following orders, Barrett would fail in getting the Championship.

Maybe it would lead to Barrett taking his anger out on Cena, further leading up to what looks like a Cena "snap." This option makes that moment more of a slow build for Survivor Series, which I think is the most likely thing to do.

(If you don't believe me, check out the Survivor Series 2010 Poster...)


Option No. 2: John Cena "Snaps" and attacks Wade Barrett

Again, a very likely option for the Cena snap to happen on pay-per-view, even if I don't think it's the best idea. Why have the snap on pay-per-view in front of 250,000 or so thousand who are paying $55 to see the show, when you can do it on RAW in front of 5,000,000 or so? It would make more sense, and I believe it would guarantee Survivor Series (November 21) would get more buys. Trust me.

For this to happen, I think Orton definitely has to retain here. Barrett getting the Championship, only for Cena to attack him, would instantly diminish his reign even if it would lead to a Barrett/Cena feud for the Championship. It could very well happen, and I'd have no major complaints if it did since it would make sense. Will it happen? Strong possibility.

And the other option is definitely a long shot, but it could very well happen...


Option No. 3: The Infamous John Cena "Heel" Turn

Well, this is definitely the long shot for me, especially after the story of Cena resisting the urge to beat seven shades of blue hell out of Barrett. It would also be the hardest to try and set up and make sense of it.

Why would Cena go from swallowing his pride and resisting the urge to destroy Barrett to being alinged with him to win the Championship? That's why I don't see it happening, but this is the WWE. It was surprising enough when Cena lost at Hell In A Cell. 

Don't count on it, but I've seen stranger things happen.

So, what do you think will happen at Bragging Rights? Do you see any of the following things happening? Let me know.

I'm Andre Harrison, and thank you very much for reading. Sayonara!