Texas Ranger Baseball Trivia: Are You on the Bandwagon?

John KrenekContributor IOctober 20, 2010

3 Jun 2001:  Rusty Greer #29 of the Texas Rangers misses the ball during the game against the Minnesota Twins at The Ballpark in Arlington, Texas. The Twins defeated the Rangers 6-3.Mandatory Credit: Ronald Martinez  /Allsport
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A bandwagoner, as it is defined by dictionary.com, is "a party, cause, movement, etc., that by its mass appeal or strength readily attracts many followers."

And while the definition is accurate, it is sorely lacking a prime example. So let me give you one. 

The Texas Rangers are one win away from the World Series, so everyone is joining the bandwagon.

From Facebook statuses to texts from people who still think Juan Gonzalez is roaming right field, the Ranger bandwagon is filling up faster than the line for flu shots at the free clinic. And I, like most Ranger fans, am truly basking in the euphoria that has been produced by our red-shoe warriors.

However, some fans have great disdain for those who are just riding the coat-tails of the Rangers' current success, as they have not suffered through the tough times, and Ranger fans (or passengers on the wagon), let's not kid ourselves, there have been plenty of those.

So the question remains: How can you tell if someone is truly a bandwagoner? To find the answer, I devised this quiz.

1.) The Rangers have three retired numbers in franchise history. Which three are they, and to whom do they belong?

2.) Who is the Rangers' all-time hit leader?

3.) What was the original team name of the Rangers, and from what city did they come from? Bonus points if you can give the year.

4.) What was the name of the high school pitcher the Rangers drafted and immediately started, just to sell tickets?

5.) What pitcher holds the team record for wins?

6.) Prior to the 2010 season, how many times have the Rangers, as a franchise, gone to the playoffs?

7.) What former president of the United States formerly owned the Rangers?

8.) What player went by the nickname "Pudge"?

9.) Who was Johnny Oates?

10.) Who used to say "Hello win column!" after every Ranger victory?

Answer Key:

0-2: On the bus and at the back.

3-5: You can at least wear a team t-shirt, but you're still playing road bingo.

6-8: You have earned the right to say "we" when referring to any team success.

9-10: You might want to see if you can get an honorary contract from Nolan Ryan.


1. #26 Johnny Oates, #34 Nolan Ryan, #42 Jackie Robinson

2. Michael Young

3. The Senators, Washington D.C., 1972

4. David Clyde

5. Charlie Hough

6. Three, 1996, 1998, 1999

7. George W. Bush

8. Ivan Rodriguez

9. The only Ranger manager prior to Ron Washington to lead the Rangers to the playoffs.

10. Mark Holtz


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