Frankie's Top 5 Current Best Tag Teams

Frankie GargiuloContributor IIIOctober 20, 2010

Frankie's Top 5 Current Best Tag Teams

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    I decided to take a break from writing entries and contribute to the "Ranking" section of our Wrestling page. An thinking about what I should write about; I finally came to the conclusion of doing a video slideshow on the TOP 5 current best tag teams in Pro Wrestling. Which of course will be the subject of debate amongst many people. But that's where the fun lies. So let the debating begin...

    *Writer's note: Team 3D will not be displayed in the top 5. Only due to the fact that they are in a completely different league then the teams chosen.

    **Update as of 12:00pm EST Oct 20th: Guys I apologize for the inconvenience with this slideshow and it being posted without me implying that this will be a monthly slideshow regarding my current favorite top teams. An now that I know most of you enjoy watching ROH, I will bring in more guys for next month and make it a top 10. Take this entry as simply a "test run."


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    Probably one of the most accurate portrayals of what the iconic Tag Teams of the past have evolved into. Both Robert Roode and James Storm bring to the ring both the power and intensity that tag team wrestling is all about.

    In 2008 PWI (Pro Wrestling Illustrated) labeled Beer Money as the Tag Team of the Year.

    They are a 3x TNA Tag Team Champion and will probably continue to run down their opponents with the help of Fortune on their side.

#4 THE Motor City Machine Guns

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    I chose the MMC as the fourth best current Tag Team due to what the currently bring to the table. High flying, fast paced, in your face action.

    IMO The Current TNA Tag Team Champions remind me of the TNA when it WAS T-N-A. I enjoy sitting back and watching them and actually have no complaints about them at all.

#3 Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre

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    If a Tag team that ever made me feel sick before ever truly existed, it would be this one right here. I'm sorry, I know how much talent these two guys have, but c'mon. We all know that Drew's Vince's boy and was given the Tag Title due to his "situation" months back. Cody on the other hand, probably has the best gimmick between the two. An if you ask me I guess the flow goes well.

    Why did I rank them as the 3rd best current Tag Team? Simply due to what is done in the ring people. Even though I might think they are a lousy duo together; they still know how to put on a good match.

#2: The Beautiful People

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    Ok I bet your draw just hit your keyboard and your drawing the biggest W T F in history in your mind right now. But here's a question, should you?

    The reason why I chose The Beautiful people as the second best current Tag Team is due to three great points.

    1. Both girls can wrestle. This ain't WWE; neither one of them is afraid to break a nail as their kicking your face from post to post.

    2. Always remember SEX SELLS. An TNA capitalized on this by portraying these women as villains rather than just Sex Symbols.But of course, due to the male demographics, these girls were looked up as Babes. But Babes that you knew who cared for the business just as much as you did.

    3. The stable itself is probably one of the most thought out great success stories that TNA has ever had in creating a gimmick. Two girls, who know they look better then half the chicks in the back and know how to bring it when the bell rings.

    Plus in both 09' and 10' PWI ranked Angelina Love as the #2  best female wrestler in the top 50 female wrestlers in the world.

    A 1X TNA Tag Team Champion as well as holding the TNA Knockout Championship a record 5x within the group

1: THE KINGS OF WRESTLING: Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli

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    Go ahead, I know some of you are thinking about IT. An for those of you who don't know who these two men are, two words: GOOGLE Them.

    No, even better, take the time out from your day and just sit back and watch a couple of their promos as well as some of their matches on I know you won't be unsatisfied by the results.

    The Kings of Wrestling are by far the greatest current Tag Team in Professional Wrestling today, yes I know some of you will say that they don't count because their on the Independent circuit and that no one in the WWE or TNA is willing to give them a chance.

    Here's my answer: SO What! Wrestling is not about what company you wrestle for; wrestling is about the overall fun and excitement of the sport.

    Yes Ring Of Honor, Chikara Pro, PWG and many other Indy feds aren't on much of a platform as WWE, but that doesn't mean that their talent is not good.

    Both of these men are by far the best talented wrestlers in the United States today as a team. They contribute 110% to their matches; because they know that being they have to make a life on the Indy fed, its your reputation that exceeds your character.

    Both Hero and Claudio have toured the world, going from Japan to Mexico to Europe, you name it, they probably left a blood stain.

    My Point: It's guys like these that truly make wrestling worth watching. Sometimes I ask myself that I'm glad they chose to continue their career in the Indy scene.

    So here's your homework: Kings of Wrestling then comment away.