Kevin Marr Ejected Because Players Wore Wrong Color Underwear!

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Kevin Marr Ejected Because Players Wore Wrong Color Underwear!

Okay, I'm going to say this right now.  I've never played or even watched field hockey.  I'm sure it's as fun as lacrosse.  Anyways, I was looking through the Olympic news on Yahoo! and I came across this weird piece of news.  I couldn't help but laugh and write about it on the B/R.

If you don't like articles dealing with undergarments, exit now.  You've been warned.


Like any other sport, field hockey has a dress code, and that dress code includes everything from the shirt to the underwear.  Yes, I said the underwear.  That little piece of clothing...never mind.

According to Olympic field hockey rules, a player's underwear must match the player's shorts.  That means if someone wears red shorts they have to wear red underwear and yadda yadda yadda. 

Yesterday the coach for the New Zealand men's field hockey team was ejected from the game against Germany because officials had noticed that his players had not been wearing matching underwear in an earlier match against China (a match in which they drew 2-2).

The players had been wearing black undies with their white shorts.  Apparently, Team New Zealand does not own a single pair of white undies. 

Initially the IOC had wanted to suspend Bradley Shaw, Simon Child, and Blair Hopping. Coach Kevin Marr, however, was able to plead their case and got himself ejected from the match instead.

Marr told NZPA: "They are trying to ensure teams present themselves in the best possible light. I understand where the rule comes from but to suspend players is wrong.”

When New Zealand played Germany yesterday, they wore their black undies and shorts to avoid another ejection or suspension.  Germany beat New Zealand 3-1 to advance to the semifinals. 

Now it was Germany that had the problems.  In one of their earlier matches, Germany wore their red shorts but none of the players owned a pair of red undies.  New Zealand coach Marr noticed the difference but was contacted by the German coach who said that his players were threatened with suspension if they did not get red underwear for the next time. 

After the incident, the IOC issued a warning to all field hockey teams to wear matching underwear and shorts. 

I can't help but laugh at this ridiculous series of events.  The rules that some sports have are hilarious.

What do you think?  Is this a fair rule?  Does the IOC need to change their policy?

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