Who Was Better: Degeneration X or New World Order?

RiZESenior Writer IOctober 19, 2010

Rebellious. One word to describe both DX and the NWO. These two stables dominated WCW and WWE television in the late '90s, sparking the Monday Night Wars and taking pro-wrestling entertainment to another level.

One moment at Madison Square Garden brought about the beginning of both stables.

The "Curtain Call," when Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash broke kayfabe to hug at a house show. Hall and Michaels were face at the time, while Nash and Hunter were indeed heels. Hall and Nash were on their way to WCW, and Shawn was the WWF champion.

When the incident was illegally taped by a fan, most were outraged. Vince was ok with the situation, but because it was being blown out of proportion, someone had to be punished. That left Hunter with the consequences—dropping down the card for a few months.

But it benefited the WWE in the long run. The WWE had planned for HHH to win the King of the Ring that year. With winning the honor, a push usually comes with it. So Stone Cold Steve Austin took Hunter's place and push, which began his rise to the top.


The Kliq was over, and their influence on booking was dead, but bigger things were to come.

With a little convincing from Hunter and Michaels, Degeneration X was brought on screen by Management. Joined by Chyna and Rick Rude, DX feuded with the Hart Foundation. After defeating The British Bulldog, Michaels held both WWF & European titles, officially cementing their status as WWF's top stable

Michaels' time in DX would be short-lived, though. After purposely dropping the European title to HHH, he faced Steve Austin at WrestleMania XIV, losing the WWF title and beginning the Attitude Era.

A back injury forced HBK to retire, and HHH exiled him from DX.

On the other side, The Outsiders took a different approach. After contributions from Bischoff, Nash and Hall, they decided to have WCW "invaded" and destroyed by other wrestlers. Being that they were freshly released from WWF, the two perfectly fit the bill.

Nash and Hall interrupted countless matches and continued to cause mayhem, only to be confronted by Lex Luger, Macho Man and Sting.

This led to perhaps the biggest heel turn of all—well, for now—when The Outsiders took on their three foes in a Hostile Takeover match (basically a six-man tag), though they never revealed who the "third" man was.

After some back-and-forth action, including the exit of Luger during the match, Hulk Hogan stormed to the ring, momentarily running Nash and Hall off before leg-dropping Savage, cementing his heel status.

Shocking starts for both stables, though NWO's may have been more effective. After numerous new members, and turmoil in both groups, the original incarnations disbanded in 2000, only to be re-formed by the WWE.

The three original NWO members began assaulting top WWE stars like The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. After Hogan's departure due to a face turn, guys like HBK and X Pac joined the NWO, only to have Nash injured and Michaels enter a feud with HHH.

DX was reformed as a tag team back in 2006. Ending their four-year feud, Michaels and HHH feuded with Edge, Orton and the McMahons. An injury to HHH ended the reunion prematurely until he rejoined once again last year and became tag champions for the first time.

HBK's retirement permanently ended Degeneration X.

A question to my fellow Bleachers: Which stable was better?

They're very similar but different nonetheless. Like before, include your reasons for your choice.

The WWE vs. WCW saga continues...